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Chuck 02x14: Chuck Versus the Best Friend

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Partnership is trust. These words were repeated over and over in this week's awww-inducing episode of Chuck. And only those with the hardest of hearts would be immune to the sweetness displayed between the many friendships that this show has. Unlike last week's love-fest, this week is all about friends. I knew that Morgan and Chuck were the best of buds, but after this show, they're so brothers to me.

It's Awesome When Awesome Takes off His Shirt

  • I have been missing Captain Awesome and I'm so glad we get to see him return this week. I love how they get this guy half naked in practically every scene! Now that's a way to appeal to the audiences. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.

  • I'm really excited for Ellie and Awesome's wedding. This planning means it must be soon, right? I want to see everyone in gowns!!! But before we get there, there's the planning. And yes, Devon, you need to help out.

  • Jeff appealing to Awesome to let the Jeffster try to achieve their dreams was actually pretty sweet. Jeff actually really cares for Lester, even if it's not something we see very often. These guys are too weird, but oddly endearing.

    Chuck/Morgan Who? Here comes the Jeffster!
  • Anything with Chuck/Morgan this week was just sweet. When Chuck defended Morgan to Sarah, I was practically in tears. Chuck: Before you got here, and long after you've gone, Morgan is my family. It really hurt that Chuck said this cause he's resigned to the fact that Sarah will leave him eventually.

  • Morgan struggling to say what he wanted to say to Anna and Anna not minding at all that Morgan couldn't say I love you is precisely why these two are together. I love how Anna really does love Morgan -- because frankly, only she could.

  • When Jeff started saying the opening lines of Lose Yourself by Eminem to Lester, I was rolling on the floor. The scriptwriters of this show really bring it and only Jeff could recite Eminem like it was him actually thinking of it. Now if only they sang Eminem. Toto wasn't bad -- the Jeffster however, were horrible.

    Stop Denying it Sarah
  • The look on Sarah's face when she thinks Chuck's blasted himself into bits just says it all. That is NOT the look of a CIA handler who's lost the Intersect. That is the look of someone who's lost the one she loves. Seriously. So stop denying it Walker/Burton and just get with Chuck. Screw the rules.

  • Chuck and Sarah at the Buy More was just too much for me. These two holding hands and just being too goddamned cute together makes my heart melt so much. I always thought hand holding was so much more intimate and thus this was a huge deal for me. I know the anticipation of them getting together will be better than when they finally get together, but sometimes I wish they already were so that Chuck could finally get what he wants. And obviously, Sarah so wants it too.

  • Sarah: It's just, it's difficult. I don't really have anyone in my life like that -- who cares for me. Chuck: Yeah you do. Yes you do, Sarah. Open your eyes. He's right next to you. And finally for future reference. No one is really a stalker. Morgan Grimes says so.

    Morgan defines stalking

    Dude, it's not stalking, okay? It's caring enough about someone to learn things about them, they won't tell you themselves.
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