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Rob Seems to be at the Oscars

[Robert Pattinson Online]
Sure, I was elated that Slumdog Millionaire won and that Anne was stunning in the red carpet and onstage, but the best part of the Oscars for me, was definitely seeing Rob all cleaned up and looking like an actual star. Something to swoon over!!! This is putting the naysayers to shame, because Rob was actually generically hot.

Don't get me wrong, I love the dirtied up Rob we see when he's caught out in public, but when he hit the red carpet last night at the Oscars, something was different! Maybe Kate Winslet lent him the shampoo bottle she was pretending was her Oscar as a kid, because boy looks good all cleaned up.

Rob Dazzling the Red Carpet

Look Ma! No More Hobo!Photos courtesy of Robert Pattinson Online
But of course, this year's Oscars was pretty freaking great thanks to the very smart ratings boost called Robert Pattinson. Those producers know how to trick 'em fangirls and they did when Rob walked the red carpet in *gasp* not his Nike sneakers, without a scruff, no hoodie and he looked like he actually showered! Fangirls everywhere fainted simultaneously. Seriously.
His interview at the red carpet was win, just because it was so obvious he was still confused as to why he was even there. I seem to be here made me laugh so hard. Yes, Rob, you are there. Still, Rob looked hot in his Dolce and Gabbana suit and though I wish he would look this way everyday, I realized we need Hobo-Rob to appreciate Oscar-Rob.

Not Screwing Up Onstage

Feeling Terrified, Still Looking HotPhotos courtesy of Robert Pattinson Online
Then he presented with Amanda and he looked so nervous/uncomfortable. His voice was pretty steady though and it was nice to hear him talk without the umms and pauses considering he just had to read. His chin down, looking at the teleprompter with hooded eyes was hot though in a weird way.
And there were quite the number of Twilight clips in that 2008 montage of Romance. I wish they would have shown more of the kiss, but I'm not going to complain. I also noticed some High School Musical 3 there. The Oscars are really really really trying to reach out to a 'younger' demographic here.

And then I was so happy he was right behind Mickey Rourke cause whenever they'd focus on Rourke, hello rob in the back!!! The presentation of Rourke's Best Actor nom was a pretty long stare at Rob too -- who didn't look too uncomfortable in his 2nd row seat. Not bad Rob, not bad placement at all.

Rocking Vanity Fair

More VanityPhotos courtesy of Robert Pattinson Online
Then of course, there are the requisite post-Oscar bashes and it was nice to see Rob at the Vanity Fair one just because I love those Vanity Fair pictures. Seeing him more relaxed and just muggging it for the cameras was nice.

Plus we see him mingling with other actors like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens!!! Too much cuteness in one photo! I'm really wondering what the hell they're talking about. And another one with Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman. Again, what could they be saying?!

And yes, though I wish that Kristen Stewart were there too, I guess I can't have it all. Imagine me exploding here though if they walked the red carpet together! Until next year's Oscars perhaps? I wish.
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