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And The Oscar Goes To...

Imagining It's Javier[]
And the most important night in Hollywood has finally arrived. This season's Oscar campaign felt like the longest one ever. Just like the Presidential campaign, this year had the nominees going all out with the bids for the prize. And rightfully so.

I have yet to watch Milk or The Reader (they're both stowed away for when I wanna feel depressed), but the movies this year were just superb. And though Oscar ratings have been slipping every year, I didn't care much because I watch it no matter what anyway. And this year did not disappoint.

The Red Carpet // Pretty Dresses

White LadiesPhotos courtesy of JustJared, Jezebel, The Cut, Egotastic
I know I can never pull off a white or white-ish gown, so seeing so many stars in white looking hot was fabulous. People didn't like the napkin-style dress of Marissa Tomei but I thought she looked hot in Versace Atelier. Meanwhile, Taraji P. Henson looked un-38 years old in her Roberto Cavalli. My love, mi amor, Penelope Cruz was just super duper stunning in her Pierre Balmain Haute Couture that was apparently 60 freaking years old. I loved her hair! I loved her!!! And finally, Sarah Jessica Parker looked cutesy in her dress with her boobs all up in her face in Christian Dior Haute Couture.

Blues and SilversPhotos courtesy of JustJared, Jezebel, The Cut, Egotastic
Bring on the boos. But I thought Miley Cyrus didn't look THAT horrible in her very debutante-ish Zuhair Murad. I actually didn't think it was too old. Yes too much. But hey, you're at the Oscars, might as well. She knows she's NEVER going to get nominated, so might as well bring it on now. I read that Beyonce would be jealous of all of Leslie Mann's bling on her Pamela Roland gown and I laughed because I think I've seen Beyonce in something like that. Kate Winslet didn't look her best in her Yves Saint Laurent Atelier but she knows how to dress for her body so she looked good to me. And last year's winner, Marion Cotillard had a really great Christian Dior Haute Couture. And how awesome was she presenting the award to Kate!!! Too much love!!!

Pinks and RedsPhotos courtesy of JustJared, Jezebel, The Cut, Egotastic
Everyone also seemed to hate Alicia Keys's in her Armani Prive but I loved the color! Sure her make-up wasn't as nice, but she looked great and comfortable. In practically the same shade of gown, Natalie Portman looked fabulous in Rodarte. The commentator loved how she wasn't posing at all. I thought Amanda Seyfried's red Valentino was really cute! I'd want to wear that dress. And of course, Amy Adams looked so good in her Carolina Herrera red dress. Obviously a far cry from her nun outfit in Doubt.

All The Single Ladies

Rafaello Who?Photos courtesy of JustJared, Jezebel, The Cut, Egotastic
I LOVE HER TO BITS. I just can't help it. Anne Hathaway blew me away in her white, heavy beaded, super slinky but super elegant Armani Prive gown. She knew she wasn't going to win this so she might as well look great and she did! What grace and what elegance! She was also praised for not over-posing. I heart her so much.

Where is Dev!?Photos courtesy of JustJared, Jezebel, The Cut, Egotastic
This girl can just do no wrong right now. For such a newbie, Freida Pinto is making all the right decisions. I would never have chosen this John Galliano for her, but she makes it work!!! The color is stunning and she totally stood out with the one shouldered thing going on. I hope to see her in more movies after this entire Slumdog thing dies down because I wanna see her on more red carpets!

Hugh Jackman // Hottest Host Ever

Take of that Top!!!Photos courtesy of JustJared, Jezebel, The Cut, Egotastic
I thought Pamy and I were going to be alone in being entertained by Hugh Jackman, but it was good to see that vuitton and meesters seem to feel the same way! And yes, it felt very Broadway or cheesy at times, but from his opening number to his spiels to his performances with Zanessa and the Mamma Mia kids, I just liked him.

He didn't take himself seriously at all and he was totally at ease onstage. Plus the fact that he could crack jokes and be hot at the same time was enough to make me happy. I know the critics will pan him, but I loved him!!! Lifting Anne off her seat was a huge bonus too! They're so cute!!!

The Couples // My Shipper Heart Beats

Suck It BrangelinaPhotos courtesy of JustJared, Jezebel, The Cut, Egotastic
As much as I find the Brangelina brood adorable, but sharing the same birthday as Jennifer Aniston automatically puts me on Team Aniston and she looked really happy/really hot in her non-black Valentino gown. It doesn't hurt to have the boyfriend John Mayer in her arm too. I thought they looked really good together. I hope this thing lasts.

NEW COUPLE ALERT -- not!!!Photos courtesy of JustJared, Jezebel, The Cut, Egotastic
How cute can these two be? I know that Ryan Seacrest kept bugging them for details about their non-existent romance, but can you blame a few fangirls for wishing that Dev Patel (looking dapper in Burberry) and Freida were actually something?! They never left each others side and they just are so adorable together!!!

Back in BlackPhotos courtesy of JustJared, Jezebel, The Cut, Egotastic
I don't know if Sean Penn and Robin Wright-Penn are finally really back together or not, but I kind of hope they are. It just seems right. Meanwhile, though I wasn't such a fan of Zac Efron's hair; he looked great beside Vanessa Hudgens in her modified Marchesa gown. As for their performance? I felt they got overshadowed by Hugh and Beyonce, and I can't blame them for that. And finally, the cutest couple on the red carpet as always, Diane Lane in her black Dolce and Gabbana and her best accessory? Josh Brolin. How can you not swoon at that?

The Winners

There can only be onePhotos courtesy of JustJared, Jezebel, The Cut, Egotastic
Obviously the Oscars are about the winners and so I was over the moon and jumping for joy when Slumdog Millionaire swept anything and everything they could including Best Movie and Director. I felt so good for Danny Boyle and company as they all went up the stage to get the award.

If the Best Supporting Actor award didn't go to Heath Ledger, I wonder what would have happened. I thought his parents speeches were really heartfelt and it was so good to see him recognized by the Academy. This is after all, the last award he can ever win, so it's nice to see him get it. It's funny though for the other nominees in the category cause I'm sure they were all just resigned to their fates. Better luck next year, gentlemen.

It's annoying how they changed the presentation of awards this year. But I guess it wouldn't have mattered because Javier Bardem wasn't there to present his lady love with the Best Supporting Actress award anyway. And with Kate Winslet out of the way, Penelope Cruz was so deserving of her win! It would have been so much better if Javier was there though.

The almost sure win of Kate Winslet for Best Actress was still a good surprise. Sure, in my dreams of dreams, Anne would win, but Kate is so amazing too. Nothing beats her ode-to-Leo speech at the Golden Globes, but this one was pretty fab too. It would have been so cinematic if she did faint, but obviously she's better at acting calm than that.

And the biggest 'shocker' of the night was when the Best Actor award went to Sean Penn instead of the somewhat favorite Mickey Rourke (who I loved looking at, cause Rob was right behind him). Sean's speech was pretty great though. I thought it was sincere and heartfelt and was really gracious too. Nice of him to call Rourke his 'brother'.

No, I didn't forget Rob. I just ended up having too much on him, it deserved an entire post of its own. Click here for Rob at the Oscars

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