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I Just Know It's Gonna Be Okay When All This Paper Blows Away, It's Just Paper Anyway

La Ultima Semana en Manila -- 8 Down/44 To GoPhotos taken by me
I don't think I'll ever get used to saying goodbye. PB's come back to Manila and left for Singapore so many time already and yet I still couldn't help but get all teary-eyed this time around. This week was spent dreading him leaving and now that it's gone, things have gone back to 'normal' again.

And now that I'm not counting down to PB leaving, I can go back to focusing on my thesis and seeing old friends. Just 62 days left till I graduate (that's just two months) and we still have to produce our thesis. Crunch time is here. Game on.


[-] Woke up late and ended up not getting any work done this morning. Instead, I watched a bit of the NBA All-Star Game with PB. I hate that he's leaving so soon. He showed me Shaq's Entrance with the Jabbawockeez. Hilarious stuff.

[+] Watched 40 Days and 40 Nights with Miguel (who's sleeping over this week!). I don't know how I managed to not watch this movie before, but it was so cute. Why does Josh Hartnett not make any more cute movies?!? And Maggie Gyllenhaal as the best friend was so cute! I still love Shannyn Sossamon.

[+] Took one long ass nap the entire day. I don't think I'm still over the exhaustion from last weekend. Not a good thing, considering I should be working. Tomorrow, I promise to work. Promise.


[-] Woke up from my nap a little past midnight and got the strangest dream ever. I haven't been drinking Coca-Cola since New Years and I actually dreamt that I was drinking from a bottle with my friend Lee-Ann! I realized in my dream that I was drinking so I gave her the rest of my bottle. Scary crap.

[+] Managed to make it to class despite waking up late (which is the new story of my life)! My prof gave back our test papers and I did muy fabuloso on the test! This makes me feel less stupid about Spanish. Now if only I could really talk.

[+] Was supposed to go out with PB and my family but because I was stuck home doing thesis, I told them I'd just follow. Unfortunately I didn't get to. But, Lorraine called me and asked if I wanted to board with her on the Early Returns Countdown and how could I say no! I miss the station so much!!! Thank goodness I was able to accomplish my work before hand.


Move over Royce[Pamy]
[+] Anna came over to the house so we could finally discuss the production aspect of our thesis and I'm really psyched. We laid out our plans for the plot and characters and I'm really excited! I really hope we can make the best web series ever. Here's to big plans!

[+] I finally got to watch Chuck with PB and Miguel and I still love this show so much!!! I hope this gets a third season because I so don't mind another season full of craziness!!!!

[+] I don't know why I was so tired, but I kept falling asleep. I finally woke up and edited and compiled our draft for thesis and it's not complete yet but already 170 pages. I don't know how I managed to print it all without our printer dying on me. Thank god for that trusty HP printer. Seeing the thesis all 170 pages of it though, makes my heart melt.


Best Apple Pie ever[me]
[+] I've been wanting to get my haircut since my birthday and I finally had the time! After I submitted our thesis draft, I went home and saw who got the boot on Idol and FINALLY had my hair cut. It's just the usual trim, but I feel so much better! Haircuts are so love.

[-] I just remembered I had an article due and it's about my college freshman orientation! Ack! I'm digging up old entries on my LJ now trying to remember what the hell it was that I did. I know I felt very grown up, but the details are so hazy!

[+] Pamy bought us lasagna for dinner and it was so fabulous! Greenwich's pan lasagna is HUGE and super yummy! I so can't go on the South Beach Diet. I love my carbs way too much.


[+] It's PB's last day in Manila and so I was hoping we could go out and watch a movie, but when I get home, he's still awake playing some Star Wars game from Miguel that he wants to finish. Lord wow.

[+] Had the best shawarma rice ever. I bought some for PB and Miguel too but they ended up eating it in the afternoon because they didn't wake up till lunch time when my grandma arrived.

[-] Didn't get to go to the Miting De Avance for the student council elections this year (my first time NOT to attend) and I heard it was crazy. But I didn't want to leave PB today, so there.

[+] Had a late dinner at Omakase. Japanese food is love. And even if I wanted to stay up all night with PB on his last night, I was too freaking exhausted to bother, so instead I slept and preserved the little energy left in my body.


Not at the Shooting[Paola]
[-] Had to wake up at 4am to bring PB to the airport. I hate airports cause PB's always leaving us. Thank god it was too early in the morning and I was too tired to cry too much. He's been doing this so many times and I still cry!! WTF?!

[-] Got home at 5:30 and had to be up in an hour to pick up the talent for Ana's shoot. Was going to stay up and not sleep, but I fell asleep and woke up a bit later. Thank god I was still on time to picking the talent up.

[-] Tiring crazy ass day for Ana's second day shooting for thesis. She's worked so hard and prepared so much for this, I'm afraid for how my thesis with Anna will go. Thanks to our paper, we haven't poured enough energies to the production yet.

[+] I was technically just the production manager, but I ended up becoming a props girl, personal assistant, catering, boom mic girl, camera operator (just had to press record!), and all that jazz. We finished on time, surprisingly but i was too damn tired to do anything else.


[+] Saw Frost/Nixon and I actually really really enjoyed it. I didn't know too much about Nixon or how he sounded (other than watching Dick), but Frank Langella was amazing! And I couldn't help but root for Frost to succeed. It doesn't hur that Kevin Bacon is hot too.

[+] Met up with Anna to finalize the plot and write our script for the production. So we're doing a week's worth of 4-5 minuter episodes and we need to start shooting soon. I'm wondering when the actual deadline is. I hope our self-imposed deadline is set before it so we don't have to worry.

[+] Had dinner with old MCO orgmates. It was so nice to see Ynna, Con, Christer, Ely, Kimbe and Flau. I really missed them so much! They were already asking what I planned on doing after college which of course left me giving them the standard, I don't know answer. Oh well, it was great to see them.

[+] Con and Ter gave me a book for my birthday!!! Which means another book added to my growing list of things to read. I hope I don't fall behind on things.

[+] Then we watched He's Just Not That Into You and I liked it! I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it -- critics style. It's more a romance or a struggle to be in a romance more than a comedy which is fine by me, cause chickflicks are love.
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