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Geek in the Pink

If Zachary Levi considers himself a geek, then sign me up for one, because he's totally endeared all womankind -- or at least those that watch Chuck to his brand of nerd. And how can you not love this guy? From the curls on his head, to the abnormally large feet and the lanky frame, Zachary seemed born to do Chuck.

Some guys you find hot, others are just adorable and that's where Zach falls under the adorable side. And yet outside of it, he's just as funny -- and well, sort of like Chuck too (minus the Buy More job and the Intersect in his head). And before all this fame, he was actually a bus boy, worked at a Blockbuster and cleaned cars at a carwash. How cute and normal is that?

But what's not normal is how humble he still is. He's always so self-deprecating in interviews and still very down-to-earth. He's the first to make fun of himself and just looks really nice. I can't help but crush on the most un-nerdy nerd ever. Totally manjoyment.

On applying his talents

“I always have the excuse that I would have gone to college if I applied myself. I don’t know, I think I’m an intelligent guy. I’m nowhere near as intelligent as Chuck is. He went to Stanford and is this crazy brain of a guy and can figure out algorithms. I can’t even spell algorithm. So no, I’m not as smart as Chuck, but I think I’m decent. Maybe. I hope. Decently intelligent.”

On not wearing clothes to bed

“I’m naked. I don’t understand the point of wearing clothes to bed. Why? Unless you’re really cold or sick and you’ve got to layer up to sweat it out.”

On getting his groove on

“I can destroy the dance floor. I think life should be a musical. I always hate it when people watch a musical and they go, ‘Oh, it’s so unrealistic, no one just breaks into song in the middle of their day.’ Yeah they do - if they’re me.”

On his inner nerd

“I’m more Chuck than I’m not Chuck. Pretty much my whole life, I’ve felt like a nerd. Growing up I was always the best friend to the girls, never the boyfriend.”

On how he’s like his character

“Everyone is throwing around ‘geek’ and ‘nerd’ and all this. I would say ‘cool-challenged,’ maybe, if we can coin that phrase. Or ‘jock-challenged’ - whatever, one of those two. But I find myself very much being able to be myself, playing video games and being a nerd, which I really, really am in so many ways.”

On how he bulked up for the role

“I don’t know. I got a little older, probably a little heavier. I eat a lot of pizza and don’t work out as much as I should. I do play a lot of video games.”

On his perfect wife

“If I’m ever going to be happy in life, I’m going to have to find a woman who likes, not likes, really loves watching her husband play video games. Because that would be…that’s a deal breaker right there. ‘Honey, I’m tied up with something right now’ ‘Oh that’s okay honey, I love watching you go.’”

On his love for video games

“There’s nothing like going to the emergency room at 2 a.m. and telling the doctor you’re there because of a video game. “ “You know, I’m kind of proud of my battle wounds. Very few people on earth have ever been able to say they got 14 stitches playing Nintendo.”

On the best job ever

“I get to come to work in Hollywood and get paid - let’s be honest - ridiculous amounts of money to do what I love to do, to play make-believe and be embraced by strangers who think far more of you than they ought to. It’s ridiculous.”

On loving acting

To be able to go and just love on your crew and your cast and your fans, it really makes a huge difference.

Poll #1353078 Hot or Not?

Mr. February: Zachary -- Hot Or Not?

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Or -- Can't Decide Between Chuck and Zach
Not -- Leave Him at the Nerd Herd
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