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Skins 03x05: Freddie

Don't Fuck With Freddie[Skins Nation]
Finally. Freddie is finally the focus of the series and I'm so happy because despite what most seem to think, I actually really really liked this episode! Maybe it's due to the good deal of exposure Luke Pasqualino got or because my love for Freddie/Effy has been fed even for just a bit.

And though I still am not loving his sister, Karen -- I have to admit she's pretty good foil for Freddie's inner turmoil and her side story of, Search for a Sexxbomb really gave me so many laughs in this otherwise, pretty heavy episode. Let's start off by establishing the fact that Freddie is freaking pretty.

  • Freddie finding Effy in his garden was too cute. Obviously she wasn't just there to hang out. Effy in yet another barely there outfit and yet it somehow really really works for her. Only Effy could pull this off and not make me tell her to cover up.

  • I love how Effy just invites herself into the shed. The pee and the spliffs and the porn. So I felt really bad when Freddie's dad tore everything down and made it into a studio for Karen. I didn't feel that was fair one bit.

  • It's official. I love JJ. This guy just makes me love him with each episode and I really really like how he's trying so hard to keep the group together. And Cook. Wow he really is an ass. Whatever love I had for him last week is slowly being lost with every scene this week.

  • This entire having Freddie and Effy's arms next to each other and the tension there was just too much love. My inner fangirl was just melting! I love how Effy was the one who took the lead and finally just put her fingers on him. So subtle and yet for Effy -- it means so much.

  • Naomi's recitation about Hamlet parallel to what Freddie's going through was really cute. I really really really really love Naomi and I love how JJ said that Naomi's name backwards is I Moan. Only the boys can come up with that.

  • After the botched up interview for Karen's show, Freddie is all HOTNESS in the shed! JJ was right, we've never seen him this way and yet I want to see him like that more. From the hair to the shirt to the joint, Freddie was all about the sexy.

    Freddie: I brought your bracelet back.
    Effy: Thanks.
    Freddie: We'd be good together. Don't you think?
    Effy: No.
    Freddie: Why?
    Effy: Because I'd break your heart
    Freddie: Maybe I'll break yours.
    Effy: Nobody breaks my heart. And anyway, why would I want that
  • She already warned him and of course, boy can't resist her. and when he sees her in the pub with someone else, I just die. Leave it to Effy to send mixed signals. Then again, I know she could be thoroughly confused too, but come on. Give the boy a break!

  • Freddie dropping his joint and leaving his skateboard made my heart break for him. Is he quitting all this for real? And then after he tells Effy how he really feels, he finds her with Cook of all people!!! I really really really wanted to smash Cook's face in.

  • I laughed when Cook kissed Freddie though instead of punching him back. But what Cook did to Karen was pretty freaking mean. I don't like Karen, but getting everyone to vote against her for taking the shed? Even Freddie (who owns the house) wasn't that mad! He came around!!! Cook = ASS.


  • I totally loved when he was calling out to her and then called her up and when she didn't answer, he saw her and took of his shirt and just jumped into the water! And of course, because Effy obviously likes him, just totally jumps in too and they swim toward each other in what is possibly the best ever first kiss cause how great would it be that someone would literally swim across some body of water for you?!
    Freddie: Effy, I've come to tell you --
    Effy: Freddie, I don't think I can...
    Freddie: Now I've told you, okay? Now you know.
  • And Patty dies. I don't know how this is going to go especially after Freddie finds Effy with Cook. I can't believe we've got five left. And I'm really excited to see what Naomi's got going on.
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