Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

The Quest to Find Quest

Jonny's All Grown Up[AOLCDN]
When I was a kid, I would literally look forward to my afternoons with Jonny Quest. PB and I would play this and I would pretend to be Jesse and he's be Jonny and we'd go on adventures just like on the Cartoon Network.

Thus when I heard that they're making it into a movie, I was pretty excited. And then the name Zac Efron was attached to it and I got even more giddy. And then I remembered that Jonny was a kid! And well, Zac isn't.

So I'm a little on the fence with this one, but I can't help but get excited about the Jonny Quest movie with our with Zac. Although, I wouldn't mind them raising Jonny's age a tad to accommodate the Efron, I guess others won't be as pleased. The Rock is supposedly already cast as Race Bannon -- which I can see.

Was I the only who watched Jonny Quest? And who else can play him if not the prettyness that is Zac?

Zac Efron as Jonny Quest? [Just Jared Jr.]
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