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Chuck 02x13: Chuck Versus the Suburbs

Not the Suburbs[ChuckTV]
Chuck in the suburbs is just all around cuteness for Chuck and Sarah shippers. Which is totally fine by me as I'm one of those shippers. I feel bad though for Chuck.

Boy gets his hopes up all the time that he and Sarah are going to be something only to be crushed by the evil hand of the CIA's no-dating-the-Intersect policy. Or is that Sarah's policy only? Because you can totally tell she wants him at some points.

Either way, this was the cutest heartbreaking V-Day episode on a sort of sci-fi, nerdy show. Chuck wins my heart. And I love it.

Big Mike banging Morgan's Momma
  • This entire plot line was probably one of the best 'Buy More' side plots I've ever seen on Chuck. Even Emmett wants Big Mike getting laid so that no one has to work. And what's up with Emmett's hair piece. I love it.

  • The Internet-Hotness-Conversion really cracked me up. Only the Nerd Herd could come up with something so inane yet so real. I love how Big Mike is so into this whole online dating thing, though a little skeptical about the actual lying part.

    Chuck/Sarah Cuteness in The Suburbs

  • First off, to NOT plan a Valentines day date and then take it back just cause Morgan was asking. Come on guys, you know you both want to spend it together. I feel bad that Chuck is the one actually not biting Sarah's bait cause it just shows how tired he is with the charade and yet once there's a chance to make sure the cover isn't blown, he'll jump at it. Chuck's turned into a sort-of-spy already!!!

  • Why is everyone ragging on Must Love Dogs? I admit it isn't my favorite Cusack film either, but wow, Josh Schwartz must really hate it with a vengeance! Chuck/Sarah's valentine date is soooo cute. Chuck playing with his game and Sarah just being bored. And to top it off, they get an assignment that they both get more excited for that this date. These two need more romance in their life.

  • The fake house in the suburbs is perfect. All those wedding pictures are just hilarious and I love how they even have a dog! Chuck in his Charlie Carmichael outfit is just made of win and he and Sarah do make the perfect cover couple. Casey the Cable guy is hilarious! And the people in the neighborhood? A bit creepy, but so suburbia.

  • Chuck waking up to Sarah making him breakfast and thinking it's a cover for something cause the house might be bugged is just precious. Then when he finds out that it's just because she wants to make him breakfast just made my heart melt! Sarah sort of wants this for you guys!!! She does, Chuck. I believe there is hope.

    The Evil Intersect bit
  • So I'm not sure what exactly happens to Chuck now, but Jenny McCarthy seducing him was hilarious. I hope though that he's not that evil Chuck or anything with all that Fulcrum information in his head because I so want him to be good Chuck.

  • And when Casey blew up that lab-ish and when Chuck covered Sarah's ears and let her close her eyes, I died inside. He so loves you Sarah. And I, so love this show.
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