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I'll Cover You

Redesign[M.S. Corley]
I know they say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but I can't help it. I buy books based on their cover -- if I'm not familiar with the author or story, that is.

And so far, I've been getting things right. I bought "Sloppy Firsts" because the cover art was pretty and I struck gold cause I love that series. The Shopaholic series had such pretty covers (and they still do -- except now the design changed, which peeves me, cause I like having my books of the same series in the same cover).

That's why I found these Harry Potter redesigns by M.S. Corley to be pretty freaking great. No, they're not actual covers, but I hope Scholastica takes a look at them and sees how awesome they really are! I would so buy the books (again) with these covers!!!

They sort of look like classic literature now which I don't mind at all. I can imagine them looking all pretty on my bookshelf already.

Harry Potter Redesign [The Art of M. S. Corley]
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