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Everything I Wished that It Would Be

Time is Running Out -- 7 Down/45 To Go!Photos taken by Dad
And the days go by even faster than they've ever been before. I didn't notice this week pass at all. I fell asleep Monday night and now it's Sunday evening already. Really. I'm not even exaggerating. This entire week was literally a blur.

If this is how 'getting older' feels, then take me to Neverland, because the hours go by way fast and before I know it my 68 days left to graduation will be done -- hopefully the thesis writing will go by that quickly too. Hopefully. But really all this means is that my 6 days left with PB before he goes back to Singapore will be even faster. Boo that.


[-] Actually sat through the entire Grammy awards with PB and Paola. I don't think I've ever done that before and so this was a feat for me -- to actually survive it. It felt odd that there were very little awards and so many performances. Then again, I shouldn't be complaining. But there were just some performances that I couldn't just understand.

[+] received my Valentines Day Card from 130587 Vanessa today!!! It's such a pretty card and I feel soooo freaking loved. So I'm not attached for the 22nd time in my life on VDay, but who cares?! With friends like these who needs a boyfriend? Or not. Thanks so much V! I really hope you get mine soon!

[+] Pamy recreated the Royce chocolate covered chips for like 1/10000th of the price and now I'm going to get obese from eating these wonderfully cheap delights. Trust Pamy to find a way out of spending Php 540 per bag (roughly $11). I had to physically stay away from the kitchen to stop myself from eating them.

[+] In our quest to view all Oscar nominated films before the actual event, PB, Pamy and I watched Doubt. I wasn't sure if I'd like it, but I surprisingly did! Everyone gave really strong performances, Seymour-Hoffman and Streep especially. My dad was so funny though, cause he kept saying that it looked exactly like his school in New York and even how accurate the altar boys outfits were (cause he was an altar boy in New York in the 60s).


[-] On my way to school, I saw that there were policemen and ambulances along the Academic oval near CAL (college of arts and letters) by the jogging lane. I found out that a jogger (on the old side) had apparently suffered an attack and died on the oval. It was a bit scary/sad and there were police all around. I hope the famiy of the jogger is okay.

[+] Met with our thesis adviser again and this time, we sort of have the 'go' signal to finish the paper (which has like 4 more chapters -- but nothing we can't handle) and then we can finally produce. Still, the last 4 chapters are important stuff and we still have to revise, but I'm just excited at the prospect of finally being able to produce.

Wednesday // My 22nd Birthday!

[+] Had my hair colored!!! I love the color though I wish I could get a Haley/Sydney Bristow red -- not that it'd look good, but I always wanted something THAT red. While waiting, I finally finally finished Sense and Sensibility. Definitely an easier read than Northanger!!!

[+] Went to the Spa with Pamy and I loved everything about it. The massage was soooo wonderful. The sauna was a little funny, and I refuse to get naked ever again, but the massage was just amazing. I feel like cookie dough.

[+] Went to mass and my favorite priest said mass! And he was wearing glasses too! God loves me. Plus because it was the Lady of Lourdes, there was a special blessing. And after mass, I went to our priest and go, "its my birthday!" so he blessed me again. I'm so blessed. literally.

[-] My camera deleted all the pictures I took of my birthday. Oh well, I had the best time with my siblings and my parents. And all the friends who sent me their love are just the best! Definitely a great way to spend the day.


[-] Woke up late so I had to drive myself to class again! I feel so guilty driving cause I live 9 minutes away from school (if I drive) and 30 minutes away (if I commute). And I know gas is expensive/non-renewable energy so I feel so bad. Oh well. I will wake up earlier.

[+] Went to the library after forever cause I wasn't sure how to write a part of our thesis -- and so I consulted with past orgmate's work and luckily I found one with the same thesis adviser as us. Still not quite sure how to do it, but at least I'm sort of less clueless.

[-] Was supposed to start working as soon as I got home, but little Ms. Procrastinator got the best of me. Then I fell asleep and woke up at 2pm! I fail fail fail at working. Thing is, I love to nap!!! This is not going to go well in the work force.


[+] Woke up extra late, so I had to drive to school to make it my confusing Spanish exam. It wasn't that I didn't know the answers, it's just that the questions were really confusing. Oh well, I hope I didn't too bad in that test.

[-] Picked up our thesis from my thesis adviser and dropped Anna's part off at her house. And because I knew that I wouldn't get around to it, I tried starting working on it right away. Sure, I got sidetracked by some Idol, but I managed to finish my work on time. Not bad.

[+] Had to bring Mom to Paola's camping in school. Mom and I ended up setting up the tent!! I'm not a very outdoors-y person so this was a challenge. Luckily, the tent was simple enough to be put up by two very amateur urban folk!

[-] It was weird not having Paola that night in my room. I'm so used to having her in the next bed, that this time around, I wasn't quite sure if I was going to sleep in the room even without her.

Saturday // Happy Birthday Pio!!!

[-] Had to wake up extra early to pick up a talent for Ana's first day of shooting her thesis today! The amazing thing was, despite leaving the house 15 minutes later than I had planned, I still made it to the pick-up point and the talent apparently knew my sister!!!

[+] In my four years, I had never participated in a recorded production (as most of the work we do is live) so it was so fun and enlightening to see how the Film folk work. This is a good preview for me and Anna when we finally do our thesis.

[+] Left the thesis for the afternoon, and had lunch for Pio's birthday and my grandpa's at my grandma's house. The food was so amazing, but I just wanted to sleep the entire time. I was so sleepy, it wasn't funny.

[+] Went back to the thesis to sub for Anna cause she had to leave for the evening. It was crazy cause we ended up packing up at 1130 (an hour after our scheduled end). Still, it was amazing to see how it all came together and I'm excited for next week.


[+] I don't know how I managed to do it, but I woke up for the 10am mass despite being so exhausted from the shooting the night before. Still, I made it looking half decent even if my hair refused to cooperate with me. I think it was sticking out in all directions

[+] I couldn't keep my eyes open the entire day and so after lunch, instead of working, I ended up taking one fabulous nap! I wish I could nap forever, but I can't. I think napping is now one of my most favorite hobbies ever.

[+] Managed to wake up to go to Trinoma for dinner for the February celebrants (me, 11th; Pio, 14th; and PB 29th). Mostly walked around the mall with Pio as he tried looking for a gift for himself. It was nice to have some sort of peg when we were looking for clothes for him. Challenging, yes. But worthwhile for sure. I love shopping with my brothers!!!

[+] Had dinner at Hossein which serves Persian food. I'm not a fan of beef, so I had the chicken kebabs thing and it was good, except that the rice that came with it was just overwhelmingly plenty. I don't know how I managed to finish any of it.
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