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More Than A Feeling

[I Love You More Than...]
Before anything else, I just want to greet the reason why I don't ever feel alone on Valentine's day, a really happy birthday. To my brother Pio who happened to be born on Valentines...

Happy Birthday dudemagiano

It's funny cause I spent the whole day at a shoot and didn't actually get to dwell on the fact that for the 22nd time, I'm celebrating "Single Awareness Day" instead of the Valentines Day. But really, it's fine by me.

One day though, I hope to experience a love so strong (that even if you can't quantify love), I'd be willing to give up the current loves of my life. And the website, I Love You More Than... does just that. It quantifies your love for someone to be MORE than things you also love.

Here are some of my favorites. And hopefully one day, someone will love me more than their share of obsessions before I came along. For me? The clincher would be loving someone more than I love this LiveJournal. One day.

Sending You All My Love on this Valentines Day! ♥

I Love You More Than... [via Swiss Miss]
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