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Skins 03x04: Pandora

Panda Bear![Skins Nation]
How can you NOT love Pandora after this episode?! I mean really. I have to admit the first time I saw her, I was really weirded out. But Pandora has totally grown on me and I now officially want my very own Panda Bear best friend.

And now we get a glimpse into her obviously kooky world with her nutter of a mom (who totally shocked me cause she's in Bridget Jones Diary!!!) and her crafty pajamas for her slumber party. Only Pandora could pull off the innocent look and not come off as annoying -- oh wait, JJ can do it too! New ship perhaps? Well certainly not the ship I was expecting.

  • I'm really loving Naomi. She claims to be straight, but then again, so is Emily. But really, Naomi is someone who I actually want to be just because she exudes this coolness. The fact that she's so cool about Emily and the entire kiss before ranks high for me. I wonder what her sordid secret is. Cause everyone seems to have a dirty past here.

  • Still love the color of Emily's hair color. I want. And JJ walking in on Emily and Naomi kissing was priceless. I really love JJ and how his mom tells him so many things that he really really believes. Cook was right, JJ. They do 'get intimate' at slumber parties.

  • And well, I'm glad that Katie saw that Emily was the one making the moves on Naomi in the inflatable house thing. But wait, Pandora has one of those in her backyard?! I can totally imagine her jumping inside of that already. Only Pandora could have one of those.

  • Effy crying really breaks my heart. This girl is so fierce that when something actually moves her to tears, I just want to scoop her up and hug her. And I guess her parents big fight is enough to get to her. I almost cried when she was telling Pandora that she had problems too.

  • FREDDIE/EFFY!!! Okay, so it wasn't the interaction I was hoping to get, but any would do. I guess Cook and Freddie still aren't on best terms and Freddie knows about Cook and Effy thus the cold demeanor. But really, WTF is Freddie wearing!?! his wardrobe always seems to be lacking cloth in some random part of his body. Better wardrobe!!!

  • Thomas coming back was crazy! I mean I wanted him to come back, but not after what happened between Pandora and Cook (more on that later). I can't believe Effy actually got 'angry' ish at Pandora. That's something new. I don't want them feuding though. I prefer them happy!

  • TWISTER!!! For a while there, I actually really liked Cook. He reminds me of Chuck Bass in a way (I know, not even for others) but because he can be a total ass one minute and then totally make me love him the next.

  • I mean I didn't forget that he did screw Effy in the closet just minutes ago, but now he was playing Twister with Pandora (and okay, so he slept with her too). But still. it wasn't like Pandora was drugged or anything -- she knew what she was getting into. And she wanted it, I guess. When he called her Panda and she called him Cookie, I died.

  • The kiss outside the house actually got me really giddy. I don't know if a Cook/Pandora thing is going to work out in the long run, and I hope that Pandora doesn't emotionally invest too much in Cook cause now that Thomas is in town, drama is sure to happen.

    This show just keeps me hooked throughout and I'm not even checking the time!!! I wish I could extend this season, but alas, next week we're already halfway through the show. Hard to believe, I know. But Freddie's sister isn't really that appealing to me, and I'd much rather see how this Thomas/Pandora/Cook/Effy/Freddie polygon is going to work out! More skins! More!!!!
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