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12 of 12: February 2009

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

12:36AMMy Bedroom
I obviously love my High School Musical Calendar thanks to Pamy. And on the month of my birthday, it features Zanessa!!! How can you not love these two?! Also there is the picture of Rob that mellowdee gave me and the California license plate from caen_le_comte, the Zac clipping from Paola and a smidgen of my Obama-Biden pin from my Mamita!!!

1:46AMMy Bedroom
Replying to birthday greetings is something I don't mind spending a buck peso on. I can't help but stop thanking everyone who remembered my birthday! I really really really appreciate it. I felt so special with my phone constantly ringing and me not getting scared that it was an academic related text message. Definitely one of my best birthdays ever!

7:09AMPalma Hall
When I was a freshman, I had most of my classes here at Palma Hall, more commonly known as AS. Now, I come back on my final year for my one and only Spanish class. If I remember correctly, according to my Art Studies 2 class, the architecture for these buildings (including mirror building, Melchor Hall) were inspired by a bunch of buildings in Washington, I think. Not sure anymore!

7:17AMPalma Hall
It's election season once more in UP and though I'm probably the most apolitical person ever, I can't help but be interested this year as it is my last. I wonder how things will turn out this year. Hopefully we get a clean election. It's sad how the campaign always gets a little too heated for my liking. Let's keep it clean!

8:58AMAcademic Oval
I love the canopy of trees that cover the academic oval. That's why I love walking in UP (funny cause I drove today) because there's always some sort of shade above you. These trees were here since UP moved from Manila to Diliman a little under 100 years ago. These trees have seen them all.

9:14AMCMC Library
Trying to review for my Spanish exam in the newly upholstered couch in the library. I was waiting to get my ID validated (only now) cause I needed to look at some theses for our thesis. When will thesis writing ever end?! I feel like I've spent waaaaay too much time on this paper.

2:10PMPamy's Bedroom
Instead of working, I fell asleep in Mamita's room and woke up and somehow ended up in Pamy's room (No, I did not sleep on your bed). Her clock is so pretty and so is her room -- everything is so coordinated. You'd think I'd start working at 2pm. Not even. Instead I procrastinate some more. Wonderful.

3:31PMFamily Room
Remember how my birthday was picture-less cause the camera decides to corrupt the files? Well my dad's 'luck' got him a Pentax 10MegaPixel digital camera from the Nurse's Valentines Day Raffle at the hospital. So coincidental! I wish he would have won it yesterday though! Still, amazing how things work out.

3:47PMDining Room
This is lunch. At 3pm. In our house, that's so normal -- as there is no fixed eating time. Having left overs from my birthday last night -- the softest lengua (ox tongue) you'll ever have and some pansit canton plus more leftovers from when my parents went to M Cafe. I love leftovers. There's always so much to choose from.

7:18PMMy Bathroom
The requisite ME picture. I wasn't feeling as pretty as yesterday in my pretty dress, but I can only exert so much effort in beautifying myself. So tomorrow, it's back to plainhood. Yesterday, my prof called me "Rihanna" cause of my hair and eye make up. Today, I'm back to Patty. Notice the strategically placed glass frosting over my face.

8:34PMLiving Room
Watching American Idol with Pamy and PB is always something to look forward to. And here is Pamy's new boyfriend (who is of age), Anoop Desai in the most un-annoying acceptance of his getting into the Top 36. I love this guy (in a brother-in-law sort of way, Pam). Amazingly, Pamy was wearing an ANOOP-Outfit to work today before seeing this episode. Some things are so meant to be.

10:28PMDining Room
Having half a slice of my amazingly sinful very chocolate cake from Starbucks. I can't even finish an actual slice! This just means I get to have cake every day this week, as I don't think I can finish my share of the cake in one day.
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