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90210 01x16: Of Heartbreaks and Hotels

Crazy In Love -- Literally for SilverPhoto courtesy of 90210 Media
Why is this show taking a hiatus till March 31?!? That's like the end of March! And I don't think I could last that long, especially now that the show has gotten soooo good. But alas, I got to take what I've got.

And so it's Valentines at West Beverly High and the couples are all getting rehashed! Rhonda screwing with everyone; Silver and Dixon being extremely too sweet; and Navid-Adrianna love! Love isn't necessarily in the air over here and I love it

  • Well hello bartender. Wow he's young and flirting with Naomi!!! I love it. And he's defending his friend Miguel from bastards. How perfect can he get?

  • Silver saying "I Will Always Love You" Whitney style is not something I'm used to. I don't think 'being a cheesey goober' really matches her.

  • RHONDA GO DIE NOW. and Navid, not very smooth. But so cute of Adrianna to get a pity flower from the faculty!!! I love seeing Naomi and Adrianna together!!! Super boobage!!! Naomi: IF I were going to the island of Lesbos, you'd be my pick.

  • I can't do this. I can't watch Annie 'try to act.' I want to be an actress (haha) but I can't do that kind of stuff. Thus, no more acting for more. Ack, I couldn't watch it!!!

  • THIRD WHEEL ANYONE?! Ethan needs to stop hanging out with Rhonda. Seriously. She already admitted to lying about her injuries. I guess he's feeling really really guilty/wanting to change himself? So annoying. Oh Rhonda. I don't care that your dress is gauzy and like water.

  • OH NO HE DIDN'T! Did Ethan just hold Rhonda's hand over the table?!?! You've crossed the line brother.

  • Naomi is he sweetest! Though Silver is creepy, at least she was helping her out. LEO IS TOO CUTE. The British accent is so funny. Too hilarious. Leo: Honey? Naomi: Well you're awfully forward, aren't you? Leo: For your tea. Honey? But wait, what happened to Ozzie?! Wait, what am I saying?! Leo is cute.

  • navid and adrianna just need to get together because this was the cutest thing ever and Adrianna wishing Navid only the best breaks my heart! They're obviously so meant to be (in my deranged little world)

  • Wow. Silver has just gone all out crazy. Is this the beginning of more bonding with Naomi?! And what will Annie feel about this. I'm so excited for Naomi though.

  • I feel bad for Annie that she has to keep 'digging deeper' How much drama can a high schooler get into in anyway? OH SHIT. Did she just use Rhonda's story?! Wow, I guess Annie's life isn't soooo sad after all. How about, you tell them about how your boyfriend is totally hanging out with this girl you're copying?! OH SNAP! Ethan was there.

  • Silver = NUTSO over that cake?! Wow. Hello high schooler. Dixon, go knock some sense into this woman. A silver bracelet with her name SILVER on it! How Dixon. And well, I guess after 15 episodes of being together or so, they're finally doing the deed. And she got a TATTOO of Dixon's name?! That's never a good thing.

  • ETHAN!!! STOP IT!!! Rhonda is NOT the girl for you!!! Oh god, I feel bad for Annie crying! I can't stand seeing her like that. YAY for Ethan stopping Rhonda from kissing her!!! She's a psycho! I love it!!! Wake up to reality Ethan! She's nuts!!!

  • NAVID/ADRIANNA!!! are the cutest ever!!! I'm so happy they're finally back together! He'll be her Valentine!!! And the best part, they start playing "Lovebug." I'm so in love!!!!

  • DAMN. Leo is going to her class?! He's in high school and he's also a bartender?! Oh wow. Now it's a hate-relationship!? I just want Naomi to be happy. ANd unfortunately, I'll have to wait till March 31 to find out!!! Noooooooo
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