Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

¡Hola 22!

Not 22 Candles[Me]
I was going to write (in great detail) about how I spent my birthday, but my camera won't cooperate and I can't retrieve pictures from the memory card (It says there are no images, when the memory card is full -- this happened too before when I watched Twilight with Nikki).

So instead, I'll just say how thankful I am for what happened even without pictures to remember it by. After all, I am 22, and I shouldn't be crying over lost photos anymore (I shed a few tears already, I'm still new at being 22!). After all, I did survive last year's no-photo-21st-birthday. Thank goodness my dad insisted on using his camera for my blowing-out-my-candles. At least I've got that.

It's funny cause things had been going haywire since this morning. I was supposed to get my hair cut and colored, but because there was a man before me, there wasn't enough time and I ended up just getting my hair colored.

Then Pamy treated me to the Spa (the Swedish massage was wonderful -- thanks Pam!), but because that took long too, I wasn't able to watch a movie. And now the camera thing. And still, in spite of all this, I'm too happy/tired to even bother that the camera doesn't work and I have no pictures. I just want to say:


I may have not seen any friends at all today, but all your comments on my last post/text messages/LiveJournal Happy Happy Birthday Post Greetings/Twitter Tweets/Multiply messages/Facebook Wall posts/phone calls and whatever else I forgot, really really really made my day. I'm really really really touched. Lots of love to everyone! Thanks for making my special day really extra special.

Yam rounded up my boys!!! Thanks outof_focus!!!

meesters sent me the cutest puppy and some birds!

Mrs. Barnes aka caen_le_comte sent me some Rob in a box!!!

comfortable_yet made sure Rob was all dazzling and sparkling for me!!!

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