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When Our Legs Give Out and We Get Caught

Window Shopping At Its Best -- 6 Down/46 To Go!Photo courtesy of me
This has been a slow-picture week in the sense that I didn't really go out much and I didn't have the camera with me either. Still, it doesn't mean I didn't get a lot of stuff done this week. In fact, with 75 days of college left, I should be busy as hell.

This was a good week in that I wasn't as harassed as I should have been. Thesis wise, we've resubmitted our revised chapter 5. Which is a good thing. But on the family front, PB is leaving for Singapore in 2 weeks. Boo.


Long Long Lines[me]
[-] Spent the entire day (okay, 6 hours of it) at the LTO Driver's License Renewal Center in SM North EDSA, because my driver's license is about to expire and I don't want to spend my birthday in LTO. I thought there would be a mass of humanity there, but surprisingly there weren't a lot of people.

[-] But because there was only one drug test center/physical exam/biometrics place, it took forever and a day. What could have been an hour process took me 4 hours plus their lunch break. Oh Philippines, when will things progress here?!

[-] I was supposed to make a voice post about it, but Gizmo is screwing up again. I left a help request on the LJ FAQ page but they replied and said that the LJ voice posting was disable via Gizmo!? WTF?

[+] Watched Almost Famous and the first thing that comes to mind was OMG! It's Kristen Stewart's boyfriend (Michael Angarano) as the young William!!! But really, I loved the film. Totally lives up to all the hype and buzz about it.


Thesis Marathon[me]
[-] Had a 'surprise' quiz in Spanish and I wish I could have done better! My mistakes were all so silly and careless, so I just feel bad about it. Not fun to make stupid mistakes on a fairly easy Spanish quiz.

[+] Anna text me saying that out Chapter 5 of thesis was returned and we had some revising to do so I went to her house around 3pm and we did a marathon rewrite. We did more talking about TV than actually doing thesis, but we got a bunch done.

[-] Can I just say how much I don't like writing papers and how I feel we're spending so much time on the paper part of our thesis when we could be producing the production part already?! okay. end of rant.

[-] I was so exhausted that I fell right asleep after watching this week's Gossip Girl. I wasn't even able to update that night -- which is rare for me, so the sleepless nights have finally caught up with me.


Food Fest[me]
[-] I woke up late and realized I had to print thesis, so I had to rush everything and ended up driving to school. I don't like driving to school anymore cause I wanna train myself to commute early in the morning (preparing for the work force).

[+] When I got home, I had to drive my dad to the hospital cause he's getting some check-ups and needed to be relaxed (thus needing me to drive - cause driving and my dad do not mean relaxation). Traffic was bad, but bearable. I want an automatic.

[+] PB and I ended up at Robinson's Midtown. And because we were quite hungry, we ate at Wham Burgers. But the burgers were so huge, that my dad finished his check up and we were just finishing our burgers. Huge stuff.

[+] Finally caught Chuck and it was alright. It's good to see it back, but nothing super spectacular. Plus Paola lent me her Hannah Montana 3D glasses but they don't seem to work with this one. Boo.


Not 3D glasses[me]
[+] Our professor in Spanish gives the best homework. We're supposed to write about our ex-boyfriend and present boyfriend using the past imperfect and present tense. He said, make everything fictional! Le amo!!!

[+] Caught 90210 this week and I'm starting to love Silver. What sucks is I just found out that 90210 and Gossip Girl are disappearing for weeks and returning in March?! What's up with this!!! Thank god for Skins.

[-] I ended up taking a nap in the middle of doing thesis work just because I was too freaking tired. Or maybe that's what thesis does to me. I woke up in time to finish my work and was able to do my Spanish homework all before dinner. Snaps for me the procrastinator.

[+] I arranged the movies I was going to watch and today I caught A Knight's Tale. I know, so old school. It makes me miss Heath Ledger so much more. Who knew he'd die so soon?! I'm crossing my fingers for his Oscar win.

[-] American Idol was alright today -- definitely better than Wednesday's episode, but still not good enough. I don't want to lose hope in this show, so maybe the Top 36 will spark some enthusiasm in me. I really hope so. Kara is still hot.


[+] We didn't have class today, so going to school was useless. But then when I got home, our professor text saying that our homework should be in his pidgeon hole!!! WTF. I text him back asking if I could bring it Monday, but if he wanted it today, I would bring it. Luckily, he agreed with Monday

[-] Watched Skins and I'm really loving this show more and more. I wish I got to recap the past seasons, but alas I'm two seasons late. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to Skins especially since there won't be any Gossip Girl or 90210 till March.

[+] Slept really early and had the weirdest dream ever. Other than dreaming of Robert Pattinson (for the first time ever), I also dreamt that he took me to a Coldplay concert (in Manila?!) discovered that he was my desktop background (which he is) and was cool about holding hands with me. Very very weird.


My Favorites Ana and Anna[me]
[+] I got so many things done before 9am. It's hard to believe. I took my little sister to her school fair, I already took my brother to his meeting, took my mom and the used books to this drive in Ateneo and went to my pre-production meeting for Ana's thesis. Wow. I wonder when Anna and I will ever reach that phase.

[+] Watched The Safety Objects mainly because a young KStew was in it, but then realized it was actually a really well-written movie -- which was based on the book, which I now want to read. Sure, the characters are all very weird and disturbed but it felt very Crash-like in the sense that they were all connected in the end.

[+] Two updates of Wide Awake in ONE week!? How did I ever get so lucky. It's crazy how hooked I am on this that I just keep refreshing the page hoping against hope that it's updated and bam! Today it was. This means 6 chapters left, or so the author says. I don't know what I'll do without this.


Hungrily Waiting[me]
[+] Spent most of the day at home, but then eventually went to Greenbelt 5 cause my parents had a dinner with their friends. Us kids, ended up going around Greenbelt 5 and I have never felt poorer in my life. But other than relative poorness, there were a bunch of celebrity sightings.

[+] We saw Lucy Torres-Gomez in Gingersnaps with her daughter Juliana. And wow, Lucy is soooo pretty. And so white. I was too shy to ask for a picture. There's something about Greenbelt that made me want to seem cool. We also saw Annabelle Rama but then I didn't want a picture anyway so it wasn't much of a loss.

[-] We were supposed to eat in a Japanese restaurant, but it was full, so we ended up at this Texas BBQ place and the food was alright. I had the chicken, and some mac and cheese and it wasn't as moist as it could have been.

[-] And finally, we're about to watch Shutter -- this Thai horror movie and I don't know how I got suckered into watching this. But Paola loves horror movies and I am too chicken for anything, but hey, one more to the list right? EDIT: Freaking creepy. Never again. I had to watch a bit of HSM 3 to rid me of horrible thoughts before sleeping. Hope everyone else had a great week too!
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