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Skins 03x03: Thomas

Don't Doubt Thomas[Skins Nation]
Skins really does things differently. I was expecting a sob story and that I would be pitying Thomas because of his situation. Instead, Skins delivers a really good look at how Thomas is so self-sufficient minus all the drama and instead we get this really smart kid who knows how to fend for himself -- with a little help from his friends of course.

Plus we get a new loveteam/ship! I didn't see this one coming as I thought the girl would be better suited with someone else, but I was pleasantly surprised at how they handled this one. And as usual lots of drugs, sex and some rock and roll rap on the side. This show is so worth my time.

  • At first I felt bad for Thomas and his living conditions. Then they kept laying on how down in the dumps he was. But when he helped out the store owner and enjoyed those donuts with Pandora, I was sold. Boy knows how to work it.

  • Well, well, well, Thomas really got his game on. I love Pandora's aunt for helping him jumpstart his pot-selling business. Only this show can make me totally root for someone selling weed!!! Plus Pandora's always been a bit sexually frustrated, so it's nice to see her able to release some of that.

  • And how beautiful is Effy?! I was tempted to just screencap every single scene she was in just because she's freaking beautiful. The first scene with her striped tshirt dress and then during dinner with her parents?! Girl is breathtaking! And how old is she again!? It's illegal to be that beautiful.

  • It's nice to see the kids ready to party! It's already more than halfway into the episode so I'm glad we finally get a glimpse of everyone. JJ's still traumatized over the brothel, Freddie still looks hot, Cook is still crazy.

    The twins are so adorable! I really want to dye my hair red and grow em and get bangs. Of course my sudden favorite is Naomi! Woman is so damn hot. I'm not usually fond of blondes, but on her, I love it. And the underground party shot? I loved it. I want to work on this show!

  • I'm glad Emily came clean with Naomi and her sister about it. So she's not gay or at least isn't willing to admit it just yet. They'd actually look hot together so I don't really mind. It'll take some time for Emily to come around though. She's in major denial. Don't have to be, sweetheart. This show is open to everything. Remember Tony and Maxxie?!

  • More proof that Thomas is quick on his feet. And can throw a mean rap too! I love how he started rapping in his native language. This guy is waaaay better than Jal's brothers will ever be. And the ever supportive girlfriend, Pandora was so cute being lifted in the crowd.

  • Oh shit. I swear Johnny White is the new Mad Twatter. When he was threatening to beat the kids to a pulp and rape all the women, the collective gasp was so heard. I just had to put in some Freddie here just because I love how he's right behind Effy. In my shipper heart, it's because he wants to protect her. Right?!?

  • Yay for Thomas liking a lot of spicy crap! I was so afraid for him but I'm glad that they finally got the baddie off their backs. These kids deserve some fun. Pandora's already offering herself up as the sacrificial virgin, after all. Or at least until Thomas's mama arrives and sees all the debauchery going on.

    Bye bye Thomas for now. Looks like the deportation isn't going to go so well with Pandora. Either way, fabulous episode and now I cannot wait for next week's episode. This show can do no wrong.
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