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These days, you can make a movie about ANYTHING. I thought adapting the self-help book, "He's Just Not That Into You" was a little odd (but they made it work-ish & I actually want to watch it). Now I hear they're making a movie out of the -- get this -- the boardgame, "Candy Land."

Thing is, I used to play Candy Land A LOT with Pamy and possibly PB -- although I don't think we really played cause we didn't really move the pieces or pick up the cards, Pamy would do all that, we just had to sit back and enjoy.

I remember being relegated to either the red or green piece because Pamy would be the default yellow Gingerbread piece. And then we'd all wait for our turn -- when our card would be drawn. I always wanted to get the ice cream bar card cause that would mean I'd have advanced all the way to the top.

It would always break my heart when I would get the heart candy because then I'd be demoted all the way to the start of the boardgame. I don't think I've ever actually won that game, but it brings back a lot of childhood memories. (Insert feeling of nostalgia here).

I'm not sure how they're going to make a story out of this, but the script is being written by Tropic Thunder writer, Ethan Coen and it's to be directed by Enchanted's Kevin Lima, so they've got that part cornered. I'm definitely curious as to how this is going to turn out and then of course, there's that Ridley Scott directed Monopoly movie. yes, the other board game.

Meanwhile, Vulture comes up with a list of other self-help books Drew Barrymore should remake. My favorites being "The World is Flat" where Drew stars opposite Dev Patel. Not to be left behind, Gawker draws up a list too of board games that can soon be turned into movies. I particularly love the idea for Parcheesi, which too has Dev Patel.

What is up with Dev Patel and all these 'remakes'? If they're going ahead with all these remakes anyway, I so wouldn't mind seeing those suggestions come to life.

'Candy Land' coming to bigscreen [Variety]
Five Possible Boardgame-to-Movie Adaptations [Gawker]
Ten Other Self-Help Books That Should Be Drew Barrymore Movies [Vulture]
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