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American Idol 8: This Can't Be Hollywood

The Reason I Bother[Rickey]
Two Words: Anoop Desai. Seriously. Pamy's current obsession is probably the only thing keeping me hooked to this thing, because honestly the rest was just terrible.

And that's not to say there weren't other good ones. I am sure hope there were. It's just that Idol refuses to freaking show them!!! Auditions are over Idol! It's Hollywood!

My hero, Michael Slezak said it best when he complained about the lackluster show. So I say we kill all the terrible singers/annoying people just so I NEVER have to deal with them again.

Hollywood: Round 1

  • Keep Em On: Anoop Desai. I know he sang a Stevie Wonder song (that Tuck and Patti have a version of), because Pamy totally flailed when he opened his mouth and I'm all for this one. Boy is far from annoying -- he's totally loveable. And that voice? Hallo. That's talent.

  • Jasmin Murray. She held her own with Kelly's "The Trouble with Love Is." Okay, so she may look a little cookie cutter diva meets good little girl, but with all the horrible talent, I remember her as nice and with a good voice. I won't be picky.

  • Danny Gokey. Just stop harping in the dead wife thing and we're safe. When he belted "Kiss From a Rose" I was floored. So this is it how it feels to watch Robert Downey Jr. sing. Oh wait, RDJ can sing. But Gokey's on Idol and I'm having Elliott flashbacks. For the record, that's a good thing.

  • I Just Don't Understand Why: Von Smith. Okay, so boy has pipes -- WE KNOW So Please STOP screaming or belting or whatever it is you think you're doing because underneath that I'm sure you're good. SHUT up already.

  • Bikini Girl. I know she has a name, but I was hoping she'd wear her bikini still just to live up to her other name. I mean her rendition of "Breathe" wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either and you're already in Hollywood. You better bring it.

  • Norman Gentle. Pamy likes him -- I think. And I sort of 'get the charm' but not really. I don't want to see him in the Top 12 or Top 36. Unless you stop the act and actually wow me. Okay, I don't know why I'm PMS-ing but there.

    Hollywood: Round 2

    Hello, Goodbye HollywoodPhotos courtesy of Rickey
  • And so we reach the INFAMOUS group performances. I personally don't see how this would help them since they are looking for an Idol and not a group, but hey, let's see how the children play with others. And boy, they can't play.

  • Now That's Team Work: Team White Chocolate. Wow. They brought it. India and her boys know how to make things work with their rapping and do-do-do-do-ing things right. That's a fresh take on "I Want You Back" and they made it work for me. I dont' know how far India can go by rapping alone though. But wait! Blake Lewis.

  • Team Danny&Jamar and the two other girls. I love this song and it's a hard one to sing. Danny and company brought it. Danny is totally going the Elliott route as Elliott sang this too in Season 5. But really, Team can harmonize and I'm not going to complain. Rickey calls Taylor Vaifanua Jordin 2.0 though.

  • So it wasn't really their ENTIRE Action Squad that got some action, but I really love Alex Wagner-Trugman. This boy is just too adorable for words and then he opens his mouth and wow. I like it too. His teammate, Anne Marie Boskovich (whom I remember as one of the many many Bubbly girls -- not sure though) was pretty good too but nothing striking. Too bad for Emily. As Simon said, forget the lyrics and you're out. At least they were consistent.

  • Adam Lambert, Jasmine Murray and Michael Sarver aren't in one team but they stood out in their teams. I am seeing the charm of Mr. Lambert, but they're obviously over-pimping him. He can still sound screechy, but if he toned down, he'd be good. As for Jasmine, well, she really really stood out amongst her super blah team. But she should've. And then there's Michael. I like the oil rig guy and he sounds good. The welder was good too!!!

  • Get the Fuck Out Now: Bikini Girl. Really. I hate drama. I hate hate hate people who don't rehearse and complain. What's worse is that she came back and ruined it for the rest of the team. Not that they didn't need help ruining things, cause it was pretty much in shambles already, but I feel bad cause the others worked and she didn't.

  • Tatiana Something. Ugh. If this girl makes it to the Top 12, Pamy says she'll be so hard to get rid of. My anger for her is so strong I couldn't bring myself to watch her. Quitting one team, joining the other then rejoining the one you quit? Totally uncool. Fighting with the said team? Annoying. Asking someone to take back calling you untalented? Unnecessary. Thanking everyone on Idol when you got through? SHUT UP!!!!

  • The Whining Crying Team with Nancy Wilson. My goodness. I really wanted to walk out. But I was too lazy so I closed my eyes and tried blocking it out instead. Do these people really think that after being bitchy in front of others and future voters that they'll be endeared to America? Not even.

  • And on the Kara Watch: She's still so pretty! Two days in a row of her awesomeness. I swear I love her. Paula's evil stare? Not really, I feel bad that she's getting flack, but I'm still loving Kara!!! Kara and Simon?! Could be. Simon and Ryan? Oh yes. Come on guys, you know you love each other.

    I can't wait for next week, because I saw some Anoop loving there. And I really want to see Kai Kalama again and Scott! And please, less bad performances please. I want to see some talent before the Top 36.

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