Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Be Pretty Like Fiddy

I Ain't Soft![Brandish]
Just when I thought I'd seen everything -- I read that 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' Rapper, 50 Cent is trying to make even more money for his Candy Shop by branching out into cosmetics -- for MEN. The Daily Mirror says:
"50 prides himself on having a ripped body... he's on a health kick and barely touches alcohol. So his range will be for the guy who likes to be pampered - but the supplements will make it more butch.
This isn't something new, as Jean Paul Gaultier has been advocating this. I'm really all for guys taking care of themselves. I just didn't think 50 Cent would be the man to usher in this 'innovation.'

Before I know it, Kanye will be designing shoes for luxury brand, Louis Vuitton! Oh wait, that already happened. Mr. Carter, do I hear an encore from you? In the alcohol department perhaps?! A little Cristal Jay-Z style?

50 Cent softens up with beauty range [Yahoo UK]
Tags: style
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