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90210 01x15: Help Me Rhonda

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So this episode was one of threesomes, at least for me. We've got the Adrianna-Ty-Ty's Parents hoopla. We have Ethan-Annie-Rhonda (who Ethan just happened to get into an accident with) and who Ethan is trying to make amends with. And then there's the Dixon-Navid bromance with some Silver and Christna on the side (so technically a foursome).

No adults here (no Kelly or Brenda or Ryan) but we get a lot of kids and kids of kids. I'm really curious as to how they're going to play out this teen pregnancy with Adrianna cause I dont' think I've seen a show that had this -- or maybe I just can't remember.

Ethan and Annie and Rhonda
  • Thank goodness Ethan's alive. Seriously. I was afraid they were going to kill off the cutie!!! And did Ethan's hair get shorter? Or am I dreaming?! Thank goodness Ethan didn't kill Rhonda either. I'd hate for him to have a criminal record.

  • Rhonda is very very very nice. She's too sweet. But, wait! Oh no! Ethan doesn't even know she existed! And they're in French class together -- and now Ethan's brooding in French. Poor boy.

  • Why do I feel like this accident is going to take a toll on Ethan's relationship with Annie?! I hope Annie doesn't get jealous or anything, and I hope Rhonda doesn't get in the way. I find Ethan really adorable though, being all prepared to entertain Rhonda. He's willing to ditch play practice!

  • Ethan: Annie, there's more to life than theater. Oh wow. Not the best thing to bring up with your girlfriend who has her issues too. I smell a break up in the near future for these lovebirds. I like Rhonda, but not this much -- not to get Ethan.

  • Oh noes! Ethan's bringing this making up for it a bit too far? Or not? He's missed two play practices already and that means he can no longer play the eunuch! Annie won't be so happy with this. But wait, is Rhonda faking all this to get Ethan's attention?!?! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Scratch that, I don't like Rhonda. For now.

  • Happiness for them?! I hope Rhonda doesn't break Annie and Ethan.

    Dixon and Navid and Silver
  • Dixon really tells his family everything. Was I the only one who found it awkward that he's telling his parents everything? Oh yes, the Brady Bunch, I forget.

  • Dixon: The only way to get over a girl -- is to get a new girl. Who knew boy was such a player?! I feel bad for Navid! What happens to him now?! They were cute, but somehow I like Ty/Adrianna too.

  • Dixon: When you meet a girl, you need to passively insult her, thus actively demonstrating your disinterest which has a way of elevating said girl's interest in you. I love how they've resorted to self-help books-ish. And come on, Navid. Way to go with the following it by the letter.

  • Oh Silver -- so you're looking for our boy Dixon (who is apparently looking for ladies!). Navid : She looks pretty and not pregnant. Only Navid could pull this off! And look! The girl Navid's eying is the sandwich seller/Fulcrum agent from Chuck season 1! Navid: I'm really uncool. Oh wow! Niko plays MMORPG like Navid?! Match made in heaven!!!

  • Silver: I knew you weren't a lesbian! Wow who knew Silver was such a woman scorned!!! I thought she'd push someone into the pool?! I'm speechless. Silver blew me away. Silver: This being in love stuff is making me crazy. For the first time, i can actually feel her pain and her love for Dixon. Wow.

    Adrianna and Ty and The Parents
  • Well that's a normal reaction to the pregnancy. It's funny cause Adam and Jessica are together in real life so I wonder how they'd react if things did happen this way.

  • Adrianna: I just finished being 'Rehab girl,' now I have to be 'pregnant girl'. Oh honey, I still like you! But her mom doesn't seem to. Wow, mom's a bitch about the national commercial.

  • Thank god for Ty. He's such a nice guy. And his parents are so normal! I love him!!! Real ship and reel ship! This is too cute!!! Let's make a happy family! And wow, Ty's parents are so freaking nice rich and really nice. Where's their flaw!? This can't be happening. But wait, what about Navid?!?!

  • There's the flaw! The overbearing Mama-in-law ish that really isn't the mama in law. So they want to ship Adrianna off while she's showing and then have it adopted?! Damn.

  • Listen to Naomi, honey. I think it is a bit crazy that they're doing the entire gag order thing. I knew Ty's parents couldn't be that nice. I just feel bad cause Adrianna's going to get so crushed.

  • Oh wow. Adrianna's mom has a heart. Sort of. I guess Adrianna's keeping the baby after all. Or not. Momma looks angry and I don't blame her.

  • OMG. TY IS AN ASS. Or at least a realistic ass. Way for Adrianna to stand up for herself though. So what happens with Navid now?!

  • Adrianna: And as for the father? There wasn't one. It was an immaculate conception. How sweet of Adrianna when she could have totally put Ty in his place. And yay! What a great way to end the episode. More power to Aid! She needs it
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