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Chuck 02x12: Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

Chuck Versus the Body Surf?Photo courtesy of Don't Freak Out
I'm so happy that Chuck is back, but wasn't as ecstatic about this episode as I probably should've been. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't a 'fall-off-your-seat' kind of great. Nevertheless, it's a good enough comeback to TV, because I have been missing Chuck so freaking much.

Although I knew that hobbit Dominic Mognahan would guest star, I didn't know it was this episode. So seeing him as 'rockstar' Tyler Martin was a great surprise to me. Tony Hale still guest stars and I think they even have a football player guest starring -- so very Superbowl themed, this episode.

  • Chuck's dream/nightmare of Sarah being all over him was so cute because only he would have a dream that vivid about Sarah. Sarah looked really really really hot in that too. Chuck: On behalf of my conscious self, I'd like to apologize for my behavior

  • Tyler Martin is so funny. His name reminds me of Tyler Hilton, but obviously he isn't a rockstar like this.

  • The bad guy planting the grenade is sooo the stereotypical bad guy you see, it's funny. He had the shades, the cap, the trench coat all down. Totally stands out.

  • Chuck and Casey throwing the grenade like a football was a nice touch to the Superbowl. I love how Jimmy (the ex-con) tackled Morgan like that. SO many football references.

  • Lester and Jeff as fanboys = WIN! These two are just so funny to watch. I don't know how they keep straight faces on because when Charlie Tyler got up there, I was just laughing so hard. I can't wait to see who gets the GOlden Ticket.

  • Sarah luring Tyler with her body and Chuck getting jealous/annoyed is why I love this show so much. Just get together already, guys! Unfortunately, I'm never the one who's followed when it comes to these things. Josh Schwartz, I'm looking at you!

  • Casey + Tranq Dart = Lots of passed out people. And Casey refers to the guy who wants to kill Tyler as a "FANBOY"!!! I love Casey so much.

  • Lester, Jeff and Jimmy competing for the Golden Ticket that Morgan finds was nuts. I don't know how to pull underwear out of someone who's wearing it, but it looks painful as hell. The Subway challenge? I felt like barfing. And of course the toilet cake (which I don't even want to know what it is), well Jeff put that to rest and won the tickets. Gross, I tell you.

  • Chuck and Tyler partying on the 'record labels' credit card!!! I feel terrible for Chuck! I hope his savings were wiped out. The look on his face when the girls asked to dance with them though? Priceless. Chuck cannot dance to save his life.

  • When the girls started undressing Chuck, his nervousness was sooo funny. I didn't think it was possible to 'rape' a guy but Chuck showed me that it is apparently, possible to do this. He's the cutest though/

  • I wish I had 3D glasses, cause when the knife was thrown at me, I could just see two colored knives instead of the feeling that I was going to get hit. Boo.

  • Casey and the tranquilizer darts are so fun to watch. I wonder what he'd do in a room full of bad guys and all he had were his tranqs. That's a lot of blowing.

  • Morgan and Jeff feeling guilty about going to Tyler Martin's concert was so sweet. The shots of Jimmy choosing a drink from the vending machine was hilarious with the music. Guilt trip anyone?! I love that Jimmy ended up selling it and not being a criminal criminal after all.

  • I would have wanted to see Tyler sing, but seeing Chuck jump into the mosh pit made up for it. He looked so happy/confused with what was happening.

  • Sarah and CHuck in the ending? Cuteness. I need more of this and hopefully next week we get a crazier episode.
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