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Gossip Girl 02x17: Carnal Knowledge

The War Is On[CW]
This episode got a bunch of mixed reviews, but I for one, actually really enjoyed it. It showed me that Gossip Girl can do away with the usual pairings and still sort of make it interesting for me.

Though there wasn't any Chuck/Blair, I would have to say they kept both of them pretty occupied that I didn't pine for them. Still, it couldn't hurt to have a little.

What I didn't like? The fact that there was no Eric in this episode and that Nate/Vanessa stillg get a sort of supporting/lamer plot. But hey, beggars can't be choosers right?

Blair letting Dorota do community service and then pretending to it in front of Harold is so typically Blair. Though I love her coat, and the quirkiness that comes with Blair's nuttiness, I do agree with Dorota when she said: Dorota: Miss Blair, your martyr act? No good. Come on Harold, wake up, your daughter is scheming. (Still Love her though)

You know that song, "It's All Wrong, but It's All Right?"? Somehow, whenever I see Dan/Rachel together, I'm remembering this song. This is the most inappropriate thing ever, but for someone as 'moral' as Dan, it's totally just right. This boy needs some spice in his life and although he's pretending nothing's happening just yet, you can totally tell something will happen. Poor Serena. This is why you should talk before getting back together.

Chuck waking up in a hotel with flashbacks to a very "Eyes Wide Shut" party is so typically him and yet, we're entering a new 'plot' perhaps for Mr. Bass? Cutest part of this entire thing, was when he called Nate up and when you look at his phone, Lily was one of the people he last talked to! Checking up on each other?! So sweet!

Blair: Do you need a refresher? I say. You Do. Oh B. Even her minions refuse to do her dirty work and this sort of makes me like them more. They're actually thinking! What I like more though? Their coats. They look so candy-colored delicious.

But this one cracked me up the most just because I could see Gerard Butler in 300 yelling, "This is Spartaaaa!!!" Blair: This. Is. Constance. And yet all it took for them to join forces was the very high school rule of 'no cellphones allowed'. Hazel was the funniest though, still using her 'phantom phone' in the corridors.

Vanessa: A High Stakes poker game?
Nate: An arms dealer auction? Are Nate and Vanessa rubbing off on each other? They're both becoming really corny (in an adorable way). Chuck surprisingly, has a great chemistry with this couple. They should hang out more.

And Nate/Vanessa at the piano? Super adorable. The entire Chuck storyline with Bart is a bit crazy, but hey, it actually got me interested in what kind of seedy high society sex club Bart was taking part in and did he do this even while married to Lily? Not that she'd care -- she was loving Rufus all this time.

Oh Dan. What the hell are you doing?! I don't care that you're just really sucking up/in awe of this outsider teacher, but you're flirting! I can see it. She can see it! This is NUTS!!! Remembering what she wore is crazy -- telling her about it is even worse! Oh Dan -- you're so messing up and I love it!!!

And of course, Gossip Girl would love to hear about this. I smell slander -- though, maybe not really cause there is sort of some truth to it. Dan's just denying it. Anything they can do, Blair can do better! But of course.

Oh look it's Jenny! And it's also her only line in this episode! I miss her and Eric. But really, what I don't get is Serena and Dan and all this doubt. Obviously you guys aren't working out. We all know it. I hope you guys realize this for the 10th time and make it stick.

Blair: That is so sweet. Maybe you should write a short story about it and let Rachel check it -- naked. Dan going to Blair in the first place is nuts, cause he knows she won't listen. But Blair giving Dan more reason to avenge Rachel is adding up to more drama!!! Love it.

But Serena telling Ms Carr about all this?! Not good. I know you feel like she's the only teacher that loves you, but it doesn't matter! Society loves you. Let the teachers love Blair. You catalyst you! If GG gets shut down...

Wow. I know Blair did some shit with Gossip Girl but Headmistress Queller -- expulsion?! Okay, so yes maybe expulsion. But I guess because I've gotten to the point where I know Blair will NEVER get kicked out, I just couldn't believe it. And wow, Nelly Yuki is going down.

And Chuck really is insistent on finding the nanny, Elle. One hot nanny in my opinion -- but no one beats Blair, chuckles. I also feel bad for Harold Waldorf. Blair's got him wrapped around his finger (obviously) and I wish Blair didn't lie to him. He's such a sweetheart. He deserves the truth.

Blair: Dorota, give Handsome to a homeless man. Make sure he has kind eyes. Blair the drama queen, as usual. In fairness to Serena, at least she tried reasoning with her 'favorite' teacher Ms. Carr. Am I the only one who thinks she looks a bit like Luli Arroyo?!

And I want a throwdown between Harold and Rufus. Lets see who can throw a punch better -- the soulful rocker or the gay fab father! I don't know who to side with cause I love them both so much. Lily did a nice save though. SHe knows Rufus too well.

Dan: And if you ever need a character witness to vouch for how wonderful you are, I'm your guy! Ms. Carr: If you were older... or not a student at the brother school... HOLY SHIT. Blair is a clairvoyant! Or Dan's just really dumb to fall into this -- which makes me LOVE IT.

Okay, so Chuck meet nanny Elle and everything's mysterious. Ooooh, the people are powerful and rich. And might get Chuck in trouble. I'm not so interested in this just yet, but I guess if they develop it further, I'll see how it goes. I just want Blair/Chuck now. Okay, maybe later.

Nate/Vanessa pretending to be part of the secret sex society is really cute to me. I don't know why these two work so much for me, but Nate seems really likeable when he's with Vanessa. I dig it so much.

Blair: Dorota! Get my dog back. Oh B. I hope it's that easy to fix this. I feel bad that S had to 'betray' Dan, but obviously this is so the root of her problems. They obviously don't trust each other. Of course, B just uses this to her advantage as always. S will never learn.

I'm not very law-y, thus I didn't quite care what was happening here. But my law student extraordinaire, celeni loved this so much -- you can read a better recap of the law aspect and more over here

As for Dan/Serena NOT trusting each other and in the process getting Ms Carr fired, well it's not like this isn't anything new. Except this time, they got Ms Carr in trouble too. I'm not pro miss carr or anything, but it's nice to see that the Dan/Serena path of destruction is affecting others too.

I'd kill to be Blair -- her dad's too too nice. I mean sure she was sort of correct, but this is her 'punishment'? Give me some of that, for sure. But it's good to know her dad isn't completely oblivious. Just a little.

On the other hand, Dan seems to be want to be punished -- by Rachel perhaps!? And Serena looked tortured as her 'favorite' teacher looked at her with disdain. Don't worry S, so many other people still love you.

So all in all, Bart Bass was invited to a TON of these high society sex fests and Ms. Carr is back in Constance. But wait, isn't Ms Carr screwing Dan right now?!

YES SHE IS! And she initiated the damn thing. Hello Mary Kay Letorneau indeed. This is gross on so many levels, but also soooo hard not to enjoy -- not the actual sex, but the fact that Dan is getting into soooo much trouble. I know a lot of people hated this episode, but for some reason, I'm loving it even more. Xoxo, You know I love it.
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