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Not So Long But Winding Lines at LTO

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“Wheee!!! I'm so happy I get to do my voice post. I was afraid that Gizmo 5 would fail me again, as I was trying yesterday, but thank God it works today! One day late, not bad.

Anyway, my yesterday was actually pretty eventful, I guess. It started out, I woke up and I watched the halftime show of the Superbowl. It wasn't so bad, it was actually pretty good. It had Bruce Springsteen in it and although I miss the *N Sync/Britney halftime show days, this wasn't bad. After all, there is no more *N Sync or -- Britney's still here -- but you know.

And I was going to go to LTO to have my license renewed -- cause I didn't want to spend my birthday in LTO, but when I checked my mail, I saw that "Wide Awake" had been updated! And I was just craving for some fic so I actually sat and read the entire Carlisle point of view, chapter forty something -- forty-two and I didn't want to leave the house anymore!

But then I had to because I had to go to LTO. But then it was a good thing that I read the fic before leaving because then happy thoughts from "Wide Awake" were going through my head. And I needed those happy thoughts because I was in LTO for SIX hours. Not even the main office, but the office in SM North EDSA -- for the driver's license renewal.

I thought it would be faster, but apparently because there was only one drug test center, it was soooo slow. But then the only high part, was that I had a book with me -- my Sense and Sensibility book -- my third book of the year! And I'm so happy that it's an easy read. Easier than Northanger Abbey -- cause i don't think I could do that again. It was just tedious.

Anyway, my driver's license -- I look much much better than my first one! Because I had a bad hair day so this one I made sure my hair was good! And even if I was so tired by the time they took my picture, whatever, because wheeee! I have a new driver's license! And I won't have to get another one in three years!

Hopefully, though I'm not here in anymore in another three years, so I won't have to renew it. Anyway, I hope everyone has a good Monday and a good rest of the week! Yay for Chuck and Gossip Girl later!!!”

Transcribed by: woodycakes

The Best Play of Super Bowl '09 [Urlesque]
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