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Monobloc Chairs and Me

Just to let all my officers know, I had the best time at CSDC training yesterday! Sure, we didn't win, but we sure as hell had fun trying. There were frustrating times -- I don't blame you at all, Melch for having a hard time with the mission statement, I couldn't memorize it either -- and there were times were I just wanted to collapse -- Mindy, you and I are bonded (to a monobloc chair!) for life, you are the best acrobat/high wire walker ever -- but in the end, it was all for the good.

In spite of the rain falling hard above our heads, muffling the desperate yells of my gorgeous and responsible officers from the smashing, Third Unit, I am enlightened by the Pastoral Spiral, EPC diagram and the Fishbone Diagram and all that stuff. You guys are really trying your best and it really shows! CSDC just keeps getting better and better!

My white rubber shoes still need washing from all the running in the mud, but it was worth it. Sweating and balancing myself and Mindy on a monobloc chair across the parking lot will always hold a special place in my heart.
Tags: csdc, high school friends
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