Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Can't Name that Freaking Tune

Photo courtesy of The Quietus
I love listening to music, but not on this level of obsessive. There's a game over at The Quietus that tests your obsessive ability to guess album covers based on these two mimes recreating the covers.

There are 29 questions and let's just say I gave up after the sixth. Still, it's fun to watch the mimes do their thing. I have to admit I'm terrible at this game, but it's just so fabulous to see these two mimes really get into all the album covers.If you're up for the challenge take the quiz!

I'm sure someone I know has some mad album cover skills and you just might beat the high scores on there. Plus, you can have bragging rights about having an extensive knowledge of album covers. I'm curious to see just how many ones you'll guess. Go and humor me! No prize, but you can gloat, right?

Album Cover Quiz Game [The Quietus]
Tags: music
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