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I'm Under the Illusion That I Have to Choose

Downward Spiral -- 5 Down/47 To Go!Photo courtesy of me
Wait, what?! There are but 82 days left til I'm supposed to be employed?! This cannot be true. We've been working on revising our Results and Discussion. And no matter how fast we finish it, if our thesis adviser doesn't return our 'checked' work, we can't move on. I just want to be able to produce our web series already!!!!

But I don't want to dwell on the negative, because so many happy things happened this week. Having PB in Manila is really like vacation all the time. I love it because I'm always out of the house, with the excuse that I have to bring him out. I'm so going to be sad when he leaves again -- which is soon!


Red New Year[Me!]
[-] I was supposed to have lunch with my Uncle, my grandma, my mom and PB at Trinoma, but because of the wonderful TV internship class meeting that lasted forever, I wasn't able to go.

[-] What's worse is I let PB wait for me in my college so he too was late to the lunch. And added to that, because the car was coding (and couldn't come out past 3pm), I had to bring the car home. I didn't want my mom to keep waiting for me so I just ate at home.

[+] Still, it was great to see Ali, Anna, Tracey and Mimi! Mimi and I were in red because it was Chinese New Years after all. It's too bad I don't get to see my girls as often as before. I miss them so much!

[+] I wasn't able to watch the entire Screen Actor's Guild Awards (because of said TV internship class meeting) but I did catch best actor, actress and supporting actor I think. I'm really even more excited for this year's Oscars just because I really want Slumdog Millionaire to win!


Edible Food!!![Me!]
[-] Stayed in CMC from 830 till 1130 cause I had to wait for our appointment with our thesis adviser. I don't like spending too much time in CMC, but it was nice to get to read my book and just stay quiet. It was nice to see Sophie, Mimi and Ana too. These girls, I miss.

[+] PB made pineapple chicken and wow it's getting more real everyday. The stuff he's cooking seems to be more difficult and yet he's pulling it off! I'm useless in the kitchen so this is a huge thing for me -- eating PB's food and it's actually edible! and fabulous! And it felt so legitimate! An actual viand! By my brother!

[-] No Gossip Girl this week so that sucked, but then I could finally finish Skins Series 2 and though I was super tired (for some unknown reason), I only made it to episode 6. I fell asleep and had the absurdest dream ever. I dreamt that I had gotten into a school abroad that I didn't even apply to! I wish.


[-] Woke up for class, despite having slept at 7pm. The longer I sleep, the harder it is to get up. I love sleeping in. If I could do this for the rest of my life, I would. I can't wait till summer, cause then i can sleep without having to worry about anything: thesis, Spanish etc.

[+] Finally finally finished Skins Series 2 and it super tugged at my heart strings. All the characters had grown on me so much that I don't want to let any of them go. But apparenlty Skins Series 3 is pretty damn great too, so I'll see. But I feel bad that I have to say goodbye to Tony, Michelle, Jal, Chris, Cassie, Sid, Anwar and Maxxie. At least we still have Effy.

[-] Caught American Idol and well another underwhelming day. Maybe they're saving all the good ones for Hollywood or something. I sure hope so. Because if this is the crop they have this year, I don't know how I'll survive. But I know idol will surprise me one way or another. I'll just have to be patient.


La Croqueta Deliciosa![Me!]
[-] I submitted our re-edited version of the survey results to our prof after class and it felt good to somehow move forward. I just hope we finally finally finally get over the paper part because I don't want to rush through the production. Until Ma'am checks it though, I'm sort of free. Though I should really be planning for the prod.

[+] Watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona with PB right before lunch and I really really liked it. Other than the fact that Javier Bardem was extremely hot in it, his character Juan Antonio Gonzalo just knew how to work the ladies. And I really really want to learn Spanish more/live in Spain now.

[+] I started Skins S3 and wow, those Brits s ure know how to overhaul a show. I didn't think I'd like the cast as much as the First Generation (S1 and S2) but I actually do. The kids are all growing on me already and I can't wait to see what's next.

[+] PB made pansit canton for lunch (though technically it was instant) and for dinner he made croquettas! Damn those croquettas are delicious. La comida es muy deliciosa! I'm so jealous he can cook so well now, but not jealous enough to actually want to learn. Or at least not yet. I'll let him do the cooking, he's pretty darn good.


[+] In Spanish today, I learned how to say "I met someone interesting" which I hope will come handy one day when I finally do meet someone interesting -- preferrably of the male gender. Conoci a alguien interesante and perhaps we'd talk for quite a bit, then I'd tell my friend that we Estuve hablando con el mucho rato. One day, when I meet a hot Spanish boy, I will say this to PB, who will be the only one who will understand what I am saying though not necessarily care for what I am saying.

[-] Watched Rob's BBC television movie, The Haunted Airman and wow, I would not have watched it, if not for him. A bit on the 'scary' or trying to be scary side and I guess it just wasn't working for me somehow.

[+] Idol tonight was supposedly a 'special' two city episode which was better than Thursdays show, but still not good enough. I swear, Hollywood had better blow me away because this was just meh for me. Still, anything would be better than Wednesday and Thursdays edition of Idol.


Casting Call!![Me!]
[+] Spent most of my day with Ana, and Ana's friends (shutterhappy and Mara) and siblings for Ana's short film thesis casting call. I've never been to one and I wasn't quite sure how those things worked out, but according to Ana, the outcome was pretty good! A bunch of guys and girls came in and auditioned with the scripts. My role was just to give them the scripts and call them in, but I felt so important.

[-] Ana and I wanted to drop by the last day of the Job Fair and unfortunately we were too late as there were barely any companies left. It scares me how I'm supposed to be thinking about work already. We're not even done with thesis yet and all these things (real world: job) need to be thought of. I honestly don't know what I want to do, so this is freaking me out.

[+] Went to my dad's frat brother's house for his birthday and the food was superb. We were on the children's half of the really long table and it was nice to see the kids of my dad's friends again. We grew up with these people and it's nice to catch up. What's nice was the open bar and the food too. We've definitely grown up cause all the boys were downing shots like they were water. We didn't do that before.


Obligatory Jump shot at the TechnoHubPhoto courtesy of me
[-] Woke up extra early cause it was Paola and Pietro's music recital at 8 in the morning. Not fun to wake up and drive, but it was fun to watch my siblings play the piano (Paola) and the guitar (Pietro). I wish I were this musically inclined. I felt like such a proud sister cheering for them and recording it on video in the front row. I pity my non-existent future kids because I'm going to be such a stage mom. Ew.

Post Recital/Post FlapJacks satisfactionPhoto courtesy of me
[+] Had lunch at FlapJacks and I really really love that place. Other than having really really amazing food -- they had the best service ever. I swear I'm so going back there again if only for the service. Now that's service I want to pay for.

Camwhoring at Spiral cause their wall is so prettyPhoto courtesy of me
[+] Went out to dinner at Spiral (read: Eat All You Can Super Fab Buffet!) at Sofitel and wow, it was so fabulous! I usually go crazy and over-eat and then feel terrible afterwards, but this meal -- was just freaking right. I don't know how I managed it, but I don't feel bloated -- too much.

[+] And for my FIRST celebrity sighting of the year: Sunshine Dizon. I'm not her biggest fan, but I was so awestruck because girl is so pretty in real life! And she's so much thinner than on TV!!! I didn't know what to say.
ME: Hi! I used to watch Anna Karenina
SUNSHINE: *dumbstruck that someone actually watched that*
ME: Can I have a picture?
SUNSHINE: Yeah, sure.
ME: Thanks so much!
SUNSHINE: Have a great night!
Awww, girl is too cute and too nice! I really hope her career continues to shine -- cause those genuinely nice people are hard to find.
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