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Skins 03x02: Cook

Sour Cookie[Skins Nation]
And Skins comes back with another crazy episode -- this week focusing on resident 'bad boy'/nutcase, James Cook. The first episode didn't really endear me to dear Cookie, and well, the second didn't do much for him either. Or at least in the making me like him more department.

But it did give me a weird look into his nutty 17 year old mind. Yes, I wish I was this crazy at seventeen, but I wasn't even a 1/100th of how absolutely crazy this boy is. I wonder when he'll hit rock bottom -- cause right now, he's spiraling down. Now this really is sex, drugs and rock & roll.

  • Cook's daytime birthday at the pub was just hilarious. JJ totally brought his magic again and I really want to learn how JJ got so into illusions anyway. This guy never fails to bring the laughter for me.

  • Hello Freddie/Effy eye-sex. I swear these two just need to get together now. Because Effy sure as hell kept looking at him. And sk8r boy Freddie, was lovingly looking back. I don't know how long this charade is going to last for 'em.

  • Naomi Campbell is GORGEOUS. I don't know how they're all suddenly friends now, but hey, who cares, they all look so pretty together and I really want to cut my hair a la Naomi. Except my hair is too short -- so technically I need to grow it out. Naomi is so pretty.

  • Cook finishing that cake with his barehands was just gross and made me want to regurgitate the cake I just ate. But I have to give it to sweet 'ol Emily for bringing the cake. Looks delicious and was really sweet of her, considering they didn't show how they all became friends.

  • Again, the stares between Effy and Freddie. I just melted. The inner fangirl is just begging to be let out. Their stares are too freaking hot.

  • Before anything else, I'm not too fond of Freddie's sister Karen. She just doesn't click with me. I'm not into her at all. Right now, at least.

  • Pandora eating the drugs is just priceless! Only Pandora could pull this off and make it seem totally normal. The daughter of the gangster who was getting married looked really really dirty to me. I love how Pandora just totally took ALL the drugs.

  • When Effy was dancing and Freddie was just staring, I totally died inside. These two are just soooo pretty together, it would be a shame if they didn't act on it quickly. Eight episodes left, folks. Better give us shippers something. And they do!!! Those stares are too much.

  • Freddie telling Cook that JJ likes Effy instead of just coming clean about his liking her though, could cause trouble in the future. I love how Freddie really looked at Effy when they were in the underground tunnel when Effy was asked if she wanted to sleep with Cook. Only Cook could pull that off without coming off as too much of a douche, cause it's already established that he is one, but I digress. Freddie's stares = Super hot (slash slightly obsessed).

  • JJ making out with the whore was really precious. I love how even the whore was softened and charmed by JJ's sincerity and earnestness. It was really cute of him to just want to make out. At least he's true to himself (or he didn't have enough cash)

  • Cook beating up the gangster was scaring the crap out of me. This is sooo the Mad Twatter this season. I hate comparing, but I can't help it. I really hope Cook doesn't get into trouble, though he probably will and Freddie will be there to bail him out. Boo.

    So really, another fab episode (or maybe I'm just easy to please). But really, keep the Freddie/Effy romance intensified and I will be a very happy girl. Next week, we take a look at Thomas, who wasn't at all focused on these first two episodes. I wonder how much I'll like that guy, because so far, everyone, I love.
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