Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

January: Breakfast in NYC (Oppenheimer)

This song has been on my iPod since mid last year when it got played on Gossip Girl (aka my source of music). But this month, for some reason, I kept going back to it. Instead of having things on shuffle, I just kept going back to this. It's so peppy and happy and just a really feel good song. All I wanna do is to have Breakfast in NYC -- for that matter, I wouldn't mind lunch or snacks or dinner either.

Then I saw the video and though it's really simple (just sifting through creatively designed polaroids), it worked out for me. The video really fit the laid back-ish vibe of the song. The director of the video, Brian Philip Davis said about the video:
The guys in 'Oppenheimer' handed me this pile of polaroids and asked me to make them a video. Graphic designer Beth Van Sistine did the lovely artwork and that's my hands flicking through.
Again, this makes me wish I were 1/10th this cool. One day, when I'm cool enough, I would love to make music videos that are this cool. Seriously.

LISTEN: Oppenheimer [MySpace Music]
Tags: song of the month
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