Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Craving For Both

Hamm or Ham?[Mark Fauser; Territu]
There was this study conducted that said that women think more about food than of sex. At first I thought, WAFAZ! Of course not! I think of boys (sex) a lot. Then I remembered that I 'sandwiched' all these male thoughts with thoughts of what I was going to eat for (insert time of day here).

But really, for me, it depends on the guy and the food. If I know that we're having FISH for lunch, I'm definitely not going to be fantasizing about deboning it. Especially when I could be thinking of the FISH-like Michael Phelps. Or perhaps tasting Jon Hamm over some Ham and Cheese? Slice me up some Jon Hamm please.

To end this rambly post that's making me hungry, I think they sort of go together -- the thoughts of food and sex. Especially if the guy you're thinking about can cook. If you still haven't seen it, check out this preview for 30 Rock, where Jon Hamm guest stars as Liz Lemon's hot doctor neighbor who just happens to bake things with frosting. Now that's food and sex at the same time.

Women think about food more than sex [Telegraph via Lemondrop]
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