Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Sun Been Down For Days

These are the times I wish I were super mega creative. I'm not familiar with singer/songwriter Oren Lavie, but when I saw his video for "Her Morning Elegance" by Yuval and Merav Nathan, I swear I was blown away. Yes, I'm easy to please, but this one is actually really visually stunning.

Stop motion videos may be popular, but this one really knocked me over. Maybe I just haven't been exposed to that many videos like this, but it's just so simple and yet so difficult to pull off. The execution was amazing and I love how the girl never even leaves her bed (that's my dream -- to never leave my bed).

Anyway, it's only three and a half minutes long and definitely worth the loading time. I'm off to go listen to Oren Lavie's other songs.

Her Morning Elegance [One Wing Fly]
Tags: music, stop motion videos
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