Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

American Idol 8: Didn't Jump Out For Me Dawg

Boskovich, Corkey[EW]
Maybe because it's the first time I'm recapping or trying to recap the auditions, but things just got from bad to worse. The third and final week of auditions (Florida and Utah) were just blah-rific for me.

I felt like the first week of auditions showed the best then it got bad last week and this week was just horrific. Then again, they could just be saving all the 'good' ones for Hollywood week next week, but come on, give us some sort of a show -- we are tuning in.

I have to say Florida was still better than Utah (or at least what I saw). Florida's Anne Marie Boskovich's take on my 'favorite song ever' Bubbly made me not want to switch channels -- so that's a good thing. And Pamy apparently enjoyed Meghan Corkey's rendition of Can't Help Loving that Man. Though I personally enjoyed Frankie Jordan's You Know I'm No Good (but apparently, she's one of them plants). So we'll see about that.

But see, they were just good. No one blew me away. Even the bad auditions weren't soooo bad. Any favorites for Hollywood? I'm setting my expectations at very very very low just so that I don't get any more disappointed than I was this week. Oh Idol, don't fail me now.
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