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Skins 03x01: Everyone

Brand New Series. Brand New Cast.Photo courtesy of Skins Nation; Caps by me
After my marathon viewing of Series 1 and 2 of Skins (by massive recommendation of eeliphant and famouslyso and practically everyone else, I finally finished the first two seasons. I have to say. That I was so wary for this third series just because I had gotten to so freaking attached to Sid/Cassie, Maxxie, Chris, Anwar, Tony, Jal, and Michelle.

By the end of series 2, I was all choked up, I didn't think I could like the new season at all. But after watching it, I'm sold. These new 'kids' (I think it's safe to say, I'm older than everyone in the cast). And the first episode, did not disappoint. What's even better? Just 10 episodes -- and those 10 go by so freaking fast.

  • First of, I'm not into skater boys AT ALL, but somehow Freddie (Luke Pasqualino) has totally won me over with the opening sequence. Boy can freaking skateboard!!! I was so amazed at how they got the skateboarding shots. Beautiful.

  • Way to make Effy (Kaya Scodelario) the lead. She's definitely Tony's sister. The Stonems are made of different stuff. This woman girl is too beautiful -- it's illegal to be that hot so young. She makes me want to be a bad girl (but I know I never could). This girl is too evil/naughty and somehow forgot to wear her pants.

  • I'm not at all attracted to Cook (Jack O'Connell) but I know he will eventually grow on me. I don't want to compare them to the old cast, so I won't but he's got this goofy Chris-Tony hybrid in him. The ketchup scene? Win. I feel bad for Effy's dad.

  • Why do I feel like JJ (Ollie Barbieri) is the new Sid? I know I'll stop with the comparisons, but he's so funny!!! I was definitely laughing from the moment he opened his mouth! I feel/see a JJ-Pandora in the future. Or maybe it's just me.

  • Again, Effy where are your pants? I love how she's smoking in the car and just totally leaves her dad there. And yes her father let her wear that to school.

  • I love Emily (Kathryn Prescott) already. This girl is just too cute! I love redheads!!! They're just sooo pretty!!! And of course she arranges her clothes on top of her bed for the day. I'm loving Emily's hair so much! I wanna be a redhead -- except I'm too dark.

  • TWINS!!! I love Twins! It's like Sweet Valley High all over again! Katie (Megan Prescott) is sooo Jessica and Emily is Elizabeth, except they don't love each other nearly as much? I know they're so going to expound on this sister dynamic though. I love twins! It's like Parent Trap except they're really twins.

  • My first introduction to Skins was when famouslyso posted this video Pandora (Lissa Blackwell) and Effy and I've totally had a soft spot for Pandora ever since. And girl is still the same! Her hair! I'm happy that they're not making her over, I love how quirky she looks.

  • Yes, her name is actually Naomi Campbell (Lily Loveless). How do you live with something like that? One thing I love: her hair! Not the color, but the cut. Of course she tells Cook off at the assembly, how can I not love her? And well Cook's tattoo? I so don't want to see what's in front.

  • EFFY/FREDDIE!!! I'm shipping them already! I love how Freddie's got this sensitive boy-bad boy-skater boy hybrid going on. And last time I'll make a reference but he reminds me of Dev Patel (whom I think is the cutest and was the reason I finally downloaded Skins 1 and 2) thus probably my transfer of love. Still, Freddie/Effy I feel will be epic. I hope they have a better fate than Sid/Cassie though.

  • Love how they establish just what an asshole Cook is. And yet Effy falls for the ultimate bad boy. JJ is pretty good with the tricks and not so with the ladies. The deaf girl they picked out has a fab interpreter of sorts. Cook just won't stop.

  • The introductions in Kieran's class are a great way to introduce all the characters. I feel bad that Pandora's stuck in another class, while almost the entire class is in this class. Oh well. Katie and Emily's intros are so sisterly. Yin and Yang.

  • I'm excited to see the Naomi/Katie/Emily feud dynamic. They seem to have a great backstory to them and Naomi seems really bitter. This has got to be nothing but drama. I love it.

  • And Freddie! I don't think Effy's the kind of girl who'd get giddy over a sort of profession/confession in class. She's more the 'do-all-the-bad-things-on-the-list-and-I'll-do-you' kind -- and Cook gets that. Oh well, I wonder how long it'll take her to come around because Effy/Freddie needs to happen.

    And what's best? Because I started Skins 3 late, I get to watch episode 2 tomorrow!!! No more waiting for me!!! I'm so happy I have a new show to watch. what sucks? After the ten episodes, I have to wait another year again. Oh well. Can't have it all. For now, I'm so going to enjoy it.
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