Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Anatomy Fail

I Can't Tell[IAmBored]
And here's another reason why I shouldn't be a doctor. I'm terrible at Anatomy! Or so this game claims. If you're totally bored, go check out this 10-item game called, Boobs, Butt or Baby. It's fun!

Boobs, Butt or Baby

The premise is really simple, you just have to decipher whether the portion of the picture shown is from a boob, a butt or a baby! Simple? Apparently not for me.

I only scored 400 out of 1000. PB did better with 500 and my mom was our grand champion this afternoon with 600. This only proves that I don't look at boobs, butts or babies as often as I should be (to be familiar enough to win this game). Try it, you never know, you might get a perfect score.

Boobs, Butt Or Baby [I Am Bored]
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