Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Now That's Talent!

I have no 'special' skills. I can't tie a cherry stem with my tongue, I can't wiggle my ears, I can't let my tongue reach my chin, I can't snap my fingers, I can barely whistle and I can only cock one eyebrow up.

I don't know if these kids have CGI-eyebrows but they do a pretty good job at showing The Rock what's cooking. Oh and it's actually an advertisement for chocolate! Yeah, that part didn't really come across for me, but these two kids can surely raise their eyebrows to the beat. Too adorable.

Speaking of talented kids, since there's no Gossip Girl this week -- which is an omen for me to finally check out Skins Series 3. If I can't have my fix of the kids of the UES, who says i can't cross the pond?

Kids Who Do the Worm With Their Eyebrows Make Us Want to Eat Chocolate [Urlesque]
Tags: kids, tv, videos
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