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Must Finish Work Faster -- 4 Down/48 To Go!Photos taken by me
Because I devoted a lot of this week to our thesis (which I should be doing all the time anyway), I felt the days go by 'faster' in a sense that my days as a college student really are numbered. There are but 89 days left 'till I officially leave the safety of the academe.

This week, I got to do a lot of work, but I also realized that there's still so much to do. And we also marked the one month mark 'til PB has to go back to Singapore. Boo. Still, it's been a pretty great week considering all the work I've been doing.


  • I started my week still working on my thesis which I was supposed to send to my partner on Sunday evening, but I ended up finishing my half 4am on Monday so I wasn't sure of what content I was writing anymore.

  • But the best part about it? Later that evening, Anna emails me back her corrections on my part and calls it 'fabulous!' This is the best thing I've ever heard, because I worked really really hard on that part and wasn't sure if it was okay.

  • I love having no class on Mondays and so I spent the day watching series 1 of Skins. God I love this show. Thanks to Sam and Lauren and everyone else who kept pimping it that I finally downloaded it. I love Cassie. I love Sid. I love Maxxie!!!! And the kid from About a Boy is all grown up! Whoa.


    Deweys Dawgz Reunited
  • Made it to Spanish early again. I'm glad I'm getting a hang of waking up at the crack of dawn already. I thought I wouldn't make it, but my professor comes late so I'm safe. It amazes me how I'm learning more in an hour's class than my 14 years of Spanish. Lo estoy amando.

  • I had to meet with Anna for thesis in Mass Comm, so I finally stepped into my college after weeks. And I miss my friends so much!!! I saw Sophie and Mimi and Ana and I didn't want to leave them! And if I'm using them for my focus group discussion for thesis, then I will see them on Thursday. So I hope things push through.

  • Ate lunch at Mongkok with PB and Mom. Best Chinese Food ever. Well not really, but I really had a blast eating all that Yang Chow Fried rice and with only PB to contend with, it didn't feel like such a competition for food. Yummy dimsum. And desert of mango sago pudding. LOOOOOVE. I should get back to exercising stat.

  • Finished watching Skins. And really, it was just epic. I totally cannot wait to start Series 2. The whole cast is just so much love and I'm just so in love with this show. And because I spent the whole day watching Skins, I could barely keep my eyes awake for the Obama Inauguration. I fell asleep right before the poet said her thing. So I missed the parade and all that jazz.


    Happy new Year Yana!
  • This caused me to wake up at 630am, when I usually am about to leave the house. So I had to get ready really quick and ended up driving to school -- when I usually commute. I can't believe I made it to class on time. Oh Obama, the things I do for you.

  • Received my final holiday card, from meesters!!! Yana it's so pretty! Thanks so much! And I don't mind that it's late, as the PHilippine Postal system isn't exactly the bestest. But I really love it and it totally extended my holiday even more!

  • Started downloading 90210 but didn't get to watch it because I ended up at SM Mall of Asia because PB had wanted to go there. And because it was 4 in the afternoon and I just realized Idol was on that evening, there was no way I was going to make it back in time for the 6pm sho.

  • Instead I ended up watching Yes Man, which I actually enjoyed; helped PB shop for more stuff and bought a bunch of non chick-lit books (snaps for me deviating from chick-lit)! I'm so excited to buy more books to read this year! Speaking of books, I'm so NOT struggling with Shoppaholic!

  • And the best part of my day, finding a dress in Bayo that I saw LAST year around May and finally buying it! See, I never buy from there unless it's on sale, so I thought the dress I liked would make it to the sale and it never did and I never saw it anywhere thus my shock when I saw it in the MoA branch. One last piece. In my size. Not on sale. But I'd be stupid not to get it.

  • I was so tired, I just fell asleep without watching Idol or recapping 90210. Wow, I must have been pretty damn exhausted.


    Lunch By PB, FGD by mePhotos taken by me
  • I thought AI had a replay in the morning and I found out it did, except it was at 6AM! And the next would be at 1pm, except that I had a focus group discussion to conduct for thesis at 130pm so that would be no good.

  • Instead, I watched 90210 this week and damn that cliffhanger! I don't want to have to wait two weeks, but I unfortunately will have to. No 90210 next week. Still no Chuck and I don't know if there will still ever be a Pushing Daisies. I still hate you ABC.

  • The FGD went surprisingly well. I had the best participants ever: my friends (cause they are the market of our thesis after all). Thanks to celeni, Ana, Lee, callmealoof, Ruth and Karen! I owe you guys forever. Enjoy your Pulpy Orange!

  • PB is leaving for Singapore in under a month so mom's teaching him how to cook and today he made crab fat pasta which I loved. Wow, it sure is useful to have PB in the kitchen. I can't wait to taste what else he's got cooking.

  • Transcribed the FGD and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, still all I could think of was Idol. But then when I saw AI this week, just blah and nothing much. I hope next week's auditions are better. Please lord.


    Bride Wars and PizzaPhotos taken by me
  • PB cooked lunch again and today, he made tortang talong, which was pretty good for me. I'm amazed at the fact that my brother can now cook edible meals and I'm still very much a 'heat-the-leftovers' kind of person.

  • I don't know how I did it, but I managed to drag PB along with me and Nikki as we watched Bride Wars. Ended up actually sort of enjoying the movie. We had an early dinner afterwards at Pizza Hut Bistro. It so doesn't feel like a 'normal' Pizza Hut.

  • Traffic was so bad on the way home, so PB and I made a detour to get some DVDs cause PB's lacking in the entertainment department on his last month here. Ended up getting him Scrubs! I'm excited because I don't really follow it, so it would be nice to just watch them all in a row.

  • I was so tired, I fell asleep watching The Colber(t) Repor(t). Those Comedy Central guys are just too funny. And now that Obama's in office, the more I'm going to watch. Hello daily routine.


  • Considering I slept in early, I was glad to have woken up at a decent hour, rather than my usual 12 noon. And because my oh so hardworking thesis partner, Anna had already sent me her FGD transcription (which I already did, but hadn't sent her), it was time to get cracking.

  • I ended up taking Pamy to Ortigas so she could hitch a ride to her former office mate's wedding. What is wrong with that sentence? Pamy is already at the age where she's attending friend's weddings instead of our parents' friends weddings. Damn she's old. So if I'm to follow her pattern, I've got four more years till any of my friends start tying the know.

  • I'm not much of a 'horror movie' person, but because Kristen Stewart's in it, I had it downloaded anyway. So Paola and I ended up watching The Messengers. Never again. Not because it wasn't good. It was fab. I'm just too freaking chicken. I was under the covers half the time. I'm so bad at watching movies.


    Lunch at Kimono Ken
  • I realized after watching the movie, that I actually had a quiz on Monday and my Internship journal due. Wonderful. I love cramming. It's not so bad though, because I already know what to do-ish. As for the Spanish quiz, I guess I'll have to brush up for that one.

  • Managed to wake up for mass at 10am despite sleeping at 6am trying to finish my journal. After mass we find out that Pietro passed DLSU-CSB too! That's four for four!!! I'm so proud of my brother. We end up at SM the Block for lunch to celebrate.

  • I spend my afternoon catching up Skins Series 2 and just putting together my journal. I should have done this earlier. Seriously. PB has a dinner with friends so I end up driving him to Greenhills, but since there's no traffic, it wasn't such a bad drive.

  • I wanted to wish my Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year, so I called Sophie up and surprisingly she was home! It was so nice to catch up with this crazy girl because I just miss her so freaking much.

    Bring it on last few days of January! I can't believe we're coming to a close on the first month of 2009. I swear the days are just waaaay too fast.
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