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Is Not In a Relationship?

It's Complicated?[Britain's Finest]
On your marks ladies, get set, because Prince Harry is back on the freaking market. Chelsy Davy has ended their five year relationship again -- and this time it's for realz (the Z makes it more authentic).

But this has obviously come as a surprise to 'a lot of people' as they just returned from a holiday in Mauritius where everything seemed fine and dandy. I guess it wasn't that fine or dandy considering she broke it off with him due to her being number 2 to his military career -- especially when she's left her home in South Africa to be with him in London.

But how are we sure this is a break-up and NOT a fake-up? Well Chelsy's changed her Facebook relationship status, of course -- and that totally makes things waaaay more official. Cause you just don't change your status if it's not real, riiiight?!

Well, I'm not holding my breath on this one, cause the last time this happened, they got back together after a few blinks of the eye. But I sure am crossing my fingers. 2012 London Olympics, here I come!

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Chelsy dumps Prince Harry over Army life... and she's ALREADY changed her Facebook status to 'not in one' [Daily Mail]
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