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The Coke Robot Will Kill You[Technabob]
I've been trying to get 'more healthy' this year and though I haven't been exercising as often as I can, I am trying to cut down on some stuff -- like say, carbonated drinks. This is difficult for me, because I'm addicted to Coca-Cola. I really look up to people who can resist refined sugars, because I am not one of them.

It's too early to congratulate myself, but so far, I've gotten through 24 days of 2009 with not a sip of Coca-Cola. I can hardly believe it myself. Okay, so if I'm need of some refined sugars, I do take Sprite or 7-Up, but since I'm not addicted to that, it's not like I consume those by the liter.

When I found this Death By Caffeine calculator, it totally helped me restrain myself from drinking soda. All you have to do is enter your weight and pick your preferred source of caffeine (there's an entire list that includes different kinds of Starbucks coffee!) and it'll tell you how much of something you need to consume before you die.

Q: How many cans of coke do I need to consume before the good Lord takes me?
A: After 233.43 cans of Coca-Cola Classic, you'd be pushing up daisies

Death By Caffeine [Energy Fiend]
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