Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

American Idol 8: Underwhelming Sophomore Week

That's All[]
Well, I'm glad I slept through last night's American Idol because after last week's 4 hour talent-fest, this week was just underwhelming. From these two episodes I liked only three guys.

  • People who have been singing Gavin De Graw somehow impress me and Matt Giraud wasn't an exception. I liked his voice.
  • Favorite, hands down though goes to Kai Kalama and his tear-inducing version of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes." It's on repeat baby.
  • Adam Lambert (a supposed plant) had a very controlled version of "Bohemian Rhapsody." Sort of looks like Drake Bell.
  • Too many 'bad ones' these past few episodes so I was annoyed to only have a minute and a half of singing from the four pretty good ones: Felicia Barton ("Put Your Records On" -- another popular choice), Kris Allen ("A Song For You" -- not as great as Elliott, but good enough), Shera Lawrence ("I've Got the World On A String" -- nice and different).

    And as my PB and Pamy noticed, the "I-didn't-get-a-golden-ticket-but-gotcha-I-did" movement seems to be the most repeated action this season. Then again, I would have probably done that too -- minus the gotcha-I-did part.

    And just because the Idol season isn't complete without my weekly dose of the amazingly produced Idolatry care of the Slezak and Baldwin. Check it out at Idolatry Sells Out! Last note: Kara DioGuardi -- you're still hot.
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