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Yes Man

Say Yes to Life[All Movie Photos]
I don't usually watch comedies in cinemas, just because I save them for DVD, but yesterday, PB refused to watch Bride Wars with me, so instead, I suggest we watch Yes Man.

I thought I was going to end up downloading this one (because of Zooey), so it was nice to just be able to catch in the cinema -- if only it wasn't so expensive, I'd do that everyday.

And though it started out a little slow, I did end up laughing really hard in a lot of parts. And my mom (who's not very easy to humor) was actually really entertained.

Apparently it was directed Peyton Reed (Down With Love, Bring It On) whose done movies I liked so it wasn't such a stretch for me to enjoy it. Then again, I am very easy to please.

The theme of the movie was saying "yes" to life and well by the end, it sort of made me want to do the same.

One Word Can Change EverythingPhoto courtesy of All Movie Photos

Things I loved about the movie

  • I really loved the guy who plays Jim Carrey's boss. His character's name was Norm and he was the weirdest manager ever. He'd throw Harry Potter and 300 style parties and just be really sweet to Carl (Jim Carey). We kept thinking he looked familiar, then PB realized it was the manager from Flight of the Conchords! He plays practically the same character, except with Jim Carey. Hilarious.

  • The weird ass things Carl would get himself into cause he couldn't say no: The Persian wife, giving the homeless guy a ride, money and free use of his phone; and my personal favorite: the grandma giving Carl some sexual release.

  • I found it nice though how Carl would end up doing sweet things too like helping his friend's fiance (whose last name he doesn't know) with her wedding shower and speaking Korean to the uncooperative sales lady and of course, singing "Jumper" to the guy who was about to jump off the building.

  • Of course, Zooey Deschanel as the singing, jogging photography, painting, manic pixie indie princess of Carl's dreams. As Allison, she totally helped Carl go out of his comfort zone and do things he wouldn't normally do. My favorite scenes with Zooey are her singing in her band to her five fans and anytime she does jogging photography. I want to do jogging photography.

  • The way they 'arrested' Carl for being suspected of being a terrorist just because of all his recent activities relating to him saying YES to everything. And I love how Bradley Cooper's character just so happens to be a lawyer who can talk Carl out of trouble.

  • It made me want to visit Los Angeles again because of the Griffin Observatory and all that scenic views. And of course, I also want to visit Nebraska on a random weekend. That was really cute.

    Sure the movie wasn't a super laugh trip, but it was really cute. And though at first, I was having a hard time imagining Jim Carey with Zooey (cause of the age difference) it actually worked out for me. I won't say go watch it now, but if you see it on DVD, you should check it out for a good laugh.

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