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90210 01x14: By Accident

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Well this week's episodes sure had it's share of accidents: Adrianna babys (and the surprise father!); Ethan trying out for the play; Ryan coming back, but I certainly wasn't ready for the ending.

I hate cliffhangers and I hate that I have to wait till February 3 till it happens. Still, I'm glad the boys are back: Ty and Ryan. I wish Navid would reappear though and George too! In fact, bring back all the boys. 90210 is far more fun when they're all around.

  • Ryan stopping teaching?! Ryan: My 'Dead Poet's Society' days are over.

  • Ethan: That is some fancy talk right there, Missy. New Drama teacher?! Don't let Ethan audition! And they are so much cuter now! They're just more natural.

  • Oh noes, Adrianna and Annie up for the role again? In fairness, Adrianna looks more like Cleopatra than Annie will ever be. And listen to Naomi, Adrianna! You're pregnant.

  • Ryan is transferring Silver to another class?! Oh damn. Wow, revenge is a bitch. Silver: History? Ryan: As in you calling me a 'child molesting pervert' on your blog. Okay, so he does have a point.

  • Listen to Kelly, Ad! She has a baby. And wow, Naomi's really adamant about the abortion. I don't know how they're going to handle this. Will they make her lose it through a miscarriage?

  • Dixon's right. Ryan has feelings. Dixon: So Mr. Matthews probably didn't want to be hurt by what you said, but he does. Something tells me Dixon isn't talking about Mr. Matthews here.

  • Mr. Clark's selling the mansion?! And Mrs. Clark is in New York?! And Naomi's living with Gail and Mr Clark in the beach house?! This cannot be good.

  • Adrianna! Look where you're going! You're going to die! Oh wait, so that's how they're going to kill the baby of via an accident!

  • Naomi is so good at playing the bitch. Of course she blowdries her hair before bed. That's what all normal girls do.

  • OMG TY!!!! Ty is back!!!!!!!! Ty: I like the way you enunciate Ethan. Ethan: I like the way you wear your jeans one size too small. Kapow! Don't argue babies! Annie isn't into him, remember?

  • So Ty is cool and professional and Annie can't take a bit of 'constructive' criticism. Drama behind the drama class! Love it.

  • Oh wow. So Ryan really got hurt by what Silver wrote. Silver better be glad that Kelly's her sister because Ryan actually got to her paper thanks to Kelly.

  • Wait, did Adrianna say she had a doctor's appointment?! Did she have it aborted? or did she back out of it! And hello intense audition. I swear this girl is meant to be Cleopatra.

  • Damn Daddy Clark and the real estate broker?! Ewwwww.

  • Oh so she wanted to have the abortion, but she's too far along for it?! So hello maternity wear for Adrianna?! Did Cleopatra ever get pregnant? Cause that's going to be a problem.

  • Ryan has his old hair back?! Does this mean the old Ryan is back?! Thank goodness!!!

  • Annie and Ethan both got bit parts!!!! I LOVE IT!!! He's a eunuch! I hope Ethan knows what he's getting himself into.

  • Naomi: Only the best for you, baby. I love Naomi being a best friend! NO FREAKING WAY!!! Ty is the daddy?!?! Holy mother. I love it. I love it. Plus the together in real life thing works for me.

  • Ethan getting excited about Egyptian food is the cutest thing ever! I swear I'm so loving Ethan being into the play. Ethan: Hey, you know you're my leading lady, right? Sweetest boyfriend ever.

  • New lady love for Mr. Matthews???! LOVE IT!!!

  • Dixon can't get a word in. Poor boy. Silver, stop talking and let Dixon talk for a bit. Just a little bit, honey. WAFAZ break up?! That was something else. Well, it couldn't be all happy happy joy joy in Dixon/silver land.

  • Debbie repeating stories with morals to Annie = win. My parents do this all the time and I feel like I'm hearing the same stories over and over. It just made me laugh

  • HOLY CRAP!? Did Ethan just get into an accident!?!? !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*() Not now, 90210. I don't want a cliffhanger now!!! Don't kill Ethan just yet!
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