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Almost Worth Missing Class For

Go Daddy GoPhotos courtesy of NY Times
If only perfect attendance didn't guarantee me a -.25 deduction from my grade, I would have totally stayed up (1AM Manila time) all morning to watch the Inaugaration. Alas, my 7am class beckoned me and I was only able to stay up 'til right before the poet read her piece.

Still, it's all good. Here's a round-up of some of the Inauguration related things I've read:

  • Just in case you weren't sure yet, YES, Obama is the new American President [Is Obama President?]
  • If Barack's Inauguration were likened to a relationship, it would come out something like this. [Nerve]
  • For those who slept through it, here's a nifty Top 10 Moments at the Obamanagural [Gawker]
  • Ever wonder what Obama ate the first time he rode Air Force One? Wonder no more [Vimeo]
  • Now you can eat what Barack ate at the Inaugural luncheon too! []

    So sweet of Michelle to give Laura something. I'm seriously curious as to what's inside that freaking box now. And I sort of feel for Laura. The last time she walks out of the White House, she can't even walk out with her husband. [AFP]

    Barack looked sort of constipated coming out, but then when he finally got out onto the stage, his smile lit up and he looked normal again -- albeit a lot older than when he started. Then again, I would be nervous too. I really was crossing my fingers the entire time that nothing terrible would happen [Daily Intel]

    First Lady Michelle looking fabulous and comfortable with all this craziness. I love that she wore yellow! My favorite!!!! And if you're wondering how you should address, her; just call her Michelle [Politico, NY Times]

    Longest walk to a podium. It was cute how when all the past presidents came out, you'd see how they interacted with people. George Bush = super friendly. He's so funny. And poor Dick Chenney. I doubt he'd want to be remembered that way. And though I was half awake throughout his speech, it wasn't cause I was bored, I was soooo sleepy already. [Huffington Post]

    I know it's an Inaugural, but wow they put in a lot of flags and stuff. Red, white and blue all over the place! Okay, I forgive 'em. They did prepare for this, so I'm not going to complain [NY Times]

    I've never watched an Inauguration in my life, but I think it's safe to say this is the biggest outcome. No? no? I wish I could have been there. Or not. It was apparently -6 degrees centigrade. [Times Online]

    Wow. That hat. It's everywhere! It's huge! I just can't find any words to describe what that thing is, but it surely got her attention. feels like one of Blair's headbands on steroids. [LA Times]

    Because, I can't get enough of Sasha and her fabulous J. Crew orange dress and pink coat. I swear this little girl has so much spunk in her. Gotta love her smile, the thumbs up she gave her dad and the box she had to stand on. [The Cut]

    Hugs all around. Bush looked tired, but relieved. This was a nice moment right there. I felt bad Bush got booed but you can't help it, he's not very popular right now. Speaking of the Bush's, the Bush twins wrote to Sasha and Malia as to what to expect growing up White House and their letter was pretty sweet. [Wall Street Journal]

    Before I forget, Jill Biden has some hot legs right there! I love her red coat and her knee high boots with just a bit of leg showing. Woman won't let anyone out-dress her. My dad told me she was already old, but she sure as hell didn't look it. [Examiner]

    Rahm Emmmanuel cause I can. For some reason, he's getting more appealing to me. I don't know why. Hello Chief of Staff. Why do I feel he's making this face at Sasha? [Chicago Sun-Times]

    I swear these two are like newlyweds. They're waaaaay too sweet even after all this time. And wow that was a pretty long walk. I wonder how many Secret Service agents were there. [Newsday]

    How stunning is Michelle? She looks so fab in this Jason Wu dress. Although I think she's having a hard time with the train, she looks amazing. I want her arms. And the lok Barack's giving her? Love!!! [US Magazine]

    Beyonce brings it with "At Last" at the first Inaugural Ball. Tears. I don't know why I'm so giddy. They're not much of dancers, but then again, there were a gazillion people watching them too. This soooo felt like a wedding dance. [Jezebel]

    And so the work begins. I really do wish Barack all the best. He's got his job cut out for him already. Here's to a fabulous four years in the White House
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