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Gossip Girl 02x16: You've Got Yale

Where's Blair's Yale?Photo courtesy of Andreas at LJ; Caps courtesy of coloured skies
I'm not sure where I stand on this episode yet, but what I do know is I need Chuck/Blair interaction and this episode had some Chuck and had some Blair, but where was the Chuck and Blair?! I swear, these writers know how to keep me longing for them.

Still, it wasn't all in vain, as we see some Chuck-Lily (non-incest) action! And the always reliably sappy Rufus-Lily. And I wasn't too annoyed at Dan-Serena either. Go me. But what I was most happy to see was some Nate-Vanessa. I didn't know I'd actually miss seeing those two together again.

Dorota, Blair's dad and Roman are so cute in their matching Yale sweaters! Blair thinks she deserves to go to Yale more than Rorie! That's so precious. I love the cross-referrencing of shows. And everyone's just so cute!!! And she's got a dog! Handsome!!! Chuck: Is Chuck coming? How supportive of her father! I swear I love her dad.

Serena: What if I do and Blair doesn't?! Oh noes, I really hope that Blair does get in to Yale, because she really deserves it more than anyone! And wow, Rufus and Lily, the awkward run-in was bad. That was weird. But hey, Rufus and Lily look really happy. Eric: I would say 'get a room' but yours is right above mine. Please remember that.. Oh poor baby, he had to hear all that rocking.

Chuck: I don't care where you import them from. I want them young and unstable. God, I love him. Jack needs to go die in a fire now. Why is everyone showing up at this Opera tonight?! I hope they really shoot at the opera. Jack: I'll be in your father's seats. And you'll be somewhere else. Shoot him now.

Wow, teacher looks like a child. And when did Serena have a new favorite teacher?! So there you go. She's a newbie. How sweet. They've invited her to all these city things. Very very weird. Who knew Serena was a suck-up?! I love it.

Nate and Dan are besties again?! This episode is really getting weirder. So Nate plans on getting Vanessa all drunked up in his family's box at the Opera. I wonder why they didn't just name this episode after some Opera, cause it sure as hell getting a lot of dialogue. Nate: Wait, what's a Clockwork Orange? Oh Nate, it's on IMDB.

Blair: Don't talk to them. They're working! Refresh! I love it. Blair has a minion of armies checking for her on Yale. She's so precious. And WTF, Serena passed and Blair's waitlisted? This is a travesty. More drama to the pot. Let it sit, then stir. Wait for boiling point. Finally! At least Serena's commiserating with Blair. And Nelly Yuki, such a bitch girl.

Chuck + Lily >>> Jack. Of course Lily cares. Do I sense a reunion of sort of families or is this all just business for Chuckles? I think it's the latter. But anything to bring down Jack, I'll take. Oooh, Chuck used the word 'assuage.' Someone's been reading his SAT books. For some reason, I think Lily actually sort of cares.

The headmistress looks very very different. So if Serena rejects Yale, Blair gets it?! Well this is the ultimate sacrifice. But will Blair actually let her do this when she finds out it's Serena?! And wow, who knew Miss Carr and Serena were so close now?! Serena: I think Yale might be accepting me for the wrong reasons. In fairness, she's redeeming herself.

Oh Blair, dont' do it now. Don't let this out on Serena now. She might actually give it to you. But then again, Blair is pissed, so things can't be taken too seriously, right?! And Yale wants to let out a press release already?! Why is this show giving Yale such a bad rep?! It's hilarious how they're so into It Girls. I wonder if it's true.

You know who sort of looks good together? Jack and Lily. Jack: Find my strength or help me lose it. I swear this SOB has one dirty mouth, but he sure knows how to shake things up on this show!

OMG. Blair is accosting the professor. This is not going to go well. This is totally making me laugh though. Blair: Second semester seniors get a free pass. Like pregnant ladies. Or 14-year old Chinese gymnasts. Hilarious. Seriously. I don't know how this is going to work out for her, but Blair needs to get ahold of herself.

Serena is defending Rachel to Blair?! This cannot be good. And there we go, Serena has dropped the Yale bomb. Blair: You're the Constance student? (to Hazel) Cancel the Nelly Yuki Project now. Well at least Serena didn't give up Yale for Blair, but because she doesn't really like it. Good for her.

Lily: The bastard is untouchable. It's time to get dirty. I'm all ears. Chuck: Let me educate you. Yowza! I love it when they get scheming and mean! Who knew Lily was such a bad ass?! Then again, it's the least she can for Chuck here. I hope this scheme is worth paying attention to though.

Chuck: If your people can't come up with something, try number 26 Lily: Crash Jack in plane. The Bass jet is kind of expensive, Chuck Chuck: There's insurance. Oh the lifestyles of the rich. Still, I love how Lily actually cracked at it and how Chuck actually made a list of things to do.

In fairness to Chuck, he actually made some pretty good points about Lily parading her mistress around town. It was only three episodes ago that Bart Bass died. And though Lily and Rufus are together now, maybe it is a little too early for their coming out.

OMG! Nate and Vanessa. FIRST SCENE TOGETHER?! And I'm sort of excited. Oh V, you got nosebleed seats for you and Nate?! That's really sweet. I wonder how he'll explain the eventual upgrade to the Archibald box seats. And V, take the Archibaldian lifestlye while you can. Who knows, the money might run out again.

ERIC!!! So precious! And explaining to Rufus the fundamentals of the opera. Beautiful. We see Little J in another dirty shirt. Woman, get some clean clothes. Rufus is reading "Opera for Dummies." Eric is such an opera buff!!! I love it! In fairness to Eric, he does know his stuff.

Penelope and Iz playing devil and angel to Blair on the bed was pretty cute. I usually get so annoyed with these girls, but now that they're on Blair's side, I'm not so annoyed. Oh B, if I were you, just let the angel reign. Feel the goodness of getting in and just let this Miss Carr thing slide.

Oh noes. The Devil won!!! The school has a block of tickets to the opera too?! I swear, how many people in New York can fit inside this Opera?! So Miss Carr gave in to this devious plan. Oh noes. I hope Yale doesn't re-reject Blair because of this.

Serena looks really really pretty in that gown. She loks amazing, even if her boobs are hanging out. It's a more tasteful hanging out tonight. Love it. And Chuckles looks fabulous in his plaid jacket. I swear only Chuck can pull that off.

SQUEEEEEEE!!!! Nate and Vanessa together!!!! And Nate has his hair slicked back again. Vanessa shouldn't say no to them. And how can V say No to his hair?! It's like season 1 pilot hair! This is such a throwback!

And Jack Bass, that is NOT Pauletta Cho. I guess they couldn't get ahold of the headmistress and the publicity girl of bass industries. You would think they'd want to reprise their roles, right? And Pauletta's voice? Scary.

Nate and Vanessa!!!! NOT in the Superbox!?! But why!? Nate's prettiness deservs a private box with pretty spy glasses! Vanessa, dont' be stubborn, pleae?! Yay for the coughing old lady! I sense someone moving to the private box soon.

Again, I cannto get over how beautiful Serena is tonight! The yellow is so beautiful on her. Brown is where Serena wanted to go originally. Don't be a drama queen, Dan. She doesn't have to go to Yale if she doesn't want to. Get over it!!!! Four years away from everything?! I don't think so, D.

Oh Rufus, it doesn't matter. You guys are getting to be cute again! Stp the PDA though, you've got paparazzi around and... don't forget your children! Poor kids, they had to unlink arms just cause it feels too incestuous. This is weird -- even for me,

BLAIR!!!!! She looks so wonderful in the salmon dress! And the headband. Perfection. I swear I knew she wouldn't let me down. And Miss Carr has a heart?! Oh noes, B. I hope you do the right thing with the teacher. Cause this could leave a permanent taint on your record. Still so stunning.

Lily and Bart were supposed to adopt each others kids?! That's the sweetest thing ever. I swear I love Bart even after he died and I'm so happy for Chuckles, in a way. I hope Lily doesn't screw up the company though. But yay, what an easy way out! I still want a showdown between Jack and Chuck though. Chuck: Give me a pen. Just to make this clear, this doesn't make us family. Go Chuck! Rub it in Jack's face! I love this so much!!!!

Blair: I can't not act out against people. Oh noes! Miss Carr don't do this to Blair (though she sort of does deserve it a bit). I don't need more Blair academic drama, when I want them to focus on Blair/Chuck angst!!!

V succumbed to N's box seats! Durr. She better. Nate: You know what's great about a box? When the opera gets boring.... Hello Pretty Boy. He knows how to get V all hot and bothered.

Don't do anything Jack!!!! Don't hurt Lily!!! Don't do anything to Lily!!!!! Rufus, she's in the bathroom being hurt by Jack! I love how Chuck has a take charge attitude. Thank goodness for Chuck getting in in time! I love it. Chuck pounced on Jack! That was one great blow! Go Chuck! Defend Lily's honor, because Rufus couldn't do it.

Awww. Rufus and Chuck give each other a handshake! That's the cutest thing ever. Chuck and Lily? Who knew this would work out so well for them. Lily: On your 18th birthday, I want you to have everything. I just want you as a part of my family. Really really sweet, Lil.

OMFG. Blair versus the Headmistress and Miss Carr?! I love how Dorota (who looks adorable with Blair's dog) asks Blair if it's already war. It's like they've been preparing for this. This cannot be good for Blair, but great for the show. Imgaine all that drama.
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