Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Can He Sell Out All the Floor Seats?

MC Phoenix[JustJared]
I try to stay as open minded as I can about things, but there are just times, when I see something and go WTF!?!

So a few months ago, Joaquin Phoenix announced that he was 'quitting acting' because he wants to sing. I couldn't say I was devastated or anything. And he did play Johnny Cash, so I guess boy has some pipes.

What I didn't know, was he wanted to become a rapper. I'm not a big hip-hop fan, but I do love Kanye, Jay-Z and some T.I. on the side, so I can't quite imagine Phoenix popping Chandon and Cristal while bitching about his 99 problems.

And if this video is any indication of Mr. Phoenix's rap career, well, let's just say the hip-hop scene will certainly have a bright new addition to its roster of exceptional artists

MC Joaquin Unveils His Inner Rapper [PopEater]
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