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This week was weird weather wise. It started out really chilly -- with me wearing long socks, and jackets INSIDE the house and ended normal: meaning HOT again. I'm back to my usual shorts and tshirt routine and there's no more cool air randomly blowing outside my window.

Hard to believe there are just 96 days left 'til graduation! This means total crunch time for thesis writing -- not my forte or my hobby, but I gotta do what I gotta do. And now, I have to finish my part of the paper so I'm off. *Still hoping for divine intervention*


MCO Folk!Photos taken by me
  • I did my first 12 of 12 of the year Monday and I was pretty pleased with the photos that came out of it. To see a more detailed Monday, you can just see my 12 of 12.

  • Inspired by the chilly weather, I actually went to school (despite having no class) in stockings today. Okay, so not much help in the keeping myself warm department, but good enough.

  • After thesis advising, wherein she told us to retabulate (or to her knowledge tabulate) the survey results and get on with the FGD, I dropped by my org's activity as I haven't seen these people in forever (ok December). God do I miss them. I will try to attend more org activities on my last few months.

  • Started the tabulation of surveys because lord knows that takes forever as I watched or tried to watch movies. Not a good idea. My attention was divided. Thus I ended up re-watching films just so there was background noise.


  • Had to wake up early for class and actually managed to make it waaay before schedule. My prof seems to be a non-early riser, so it works to my advantage. unfortunately, he's not a grammarian, so I'm screwed. He's very conversational and I can't string two Spanish words together, so adios to me. I can conjugate though.

  • My grandmother left for the US today so my dad had to bring her to the airport. We didn't get to say a proper goodbye cause they left really early and didn't wake us up. I know she's coming back though next year so I'm sure she'll be back soon.

  • I watched HIMYM thanks to PB and the episode just makes me tear up. When they first said that HIMYM was going to be the 'new Friends' I was skeptical, but now, it's just totally taken a life of it's own. And due to my love for Barney, I've been looking at Neil Patrick Harris videos and have been squeeing ever since.

  • My week cannot be complete without a fix of Gossip Girl and though this week was kinda iffy, Chuck and Blair of course save it for me. I can do without the half-brother/adopted son storyline though. Really.


  • I'm getting a hang of going back to my 7am schedule even if I've been sleeping not so early, which is a good thing. The only thing going through my mind when I woke up Wednesday was that American Idol is tonight. Pamy for one thing, couldn't contain herself.

  • After Spanish class, I had to wait for Sandy to give me the last DLSU surveys for our thesis and boy was I glad I waited for those results because they're the best! If only we could start producing already, I'd be happier.

  • With the Golden Globes over, I'm looking forward to the other awards ceremonies and the Grammys are soon complete with their pretty amazing publicity. I really do wish I were better at photoshop or whatever artsy thing.

  • And of course AMERICAN FREAKING IDOL. Two words: Kara DioGuardi. I actually lik her. She's hot. I don't know what else to say. But she most definitely made my week. Plus girl can sing and dish out insults. Sure, a little too eager at times, but I'll forgive her.


    One Man CharadePhotos taken by me
  • I woke up late even if I slept early the night before which is never a good thing. Still made it to Spanish though, which is a miracle. I'm going to need to work hard on conversing in Spanish, because I still can't speak.

  • Actually finsihed transcribing 5 interviews for thesis in a couple of hours. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Thank god for partners though. I cannot do this alone. I can't help but stress how I wish the writing was over so we can finally get to producing. Boo.

  • My dad kept pestering us to play a game with him and since we're all lazy asses, we ended up doing Charades. We had to guess the movies my dad would act out. He's such a kid and it was so fun to see him act out all our movies. We didn't have to get up. Oh dad, you're such a kid sometimes. Stay young. Funny part is, I had just whispered my movie to my dad and he hadn't done any acting at all when PB yells, "TWILIGHT" and well he was right. I'm so predictable.


    Sumo Sam!Photos taken by me
  • Woke up and found out that I didn't have class today! Greatest moment ever. I didn't have to wake up at 530 and so I slept in till around noon. Lovely sleeping habits I have really.

  • Ate breakfast with PB while watching HIMYM reruns. This show is just made of win! I can watch reruns all day and still not get sick of it. I need to catch up on this show immediately.

  • Had a late lunch as we settled in to watch my favourite French celeb couple Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal's other collaboration, And They Lived Happily Ever After. I loved the movie -- just funny enough and so insightful. Plus the Johnny Depp cameo was unexpected and welcome. So freaking welcome.

  • PB wanted to go out but didn't say where he wanted to go. With me, you have to tell me where you want to go and I will take you there. So instead we spent the afternoon lazing around at home until a blackout came on and we kids of technology were left to stare at each other.

  • Thus, we end up going to Shangri-la to catch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Pamy and PB. It made me cry in a this-is-so-beautiful kind of way. So wonderful. I'm still reeling over it. This begins our "Oscar Watch" movie marathon.


    Hannah's 22!Photos taken by me
  • We had resolved to wake up 'early' so we could finally watch Slumdog Millionaire and despite getting home late the night before, we actually all woke up for it. And boy was it great. It totally deserves all the accolades it's been getting and now I'm confused as to which one I liked better -- Button or Slumdog. Dev Patel is the cutest.

  • We also found out that Pietro passed the UPCAT which is the best news ever!!! And in his course of Music at that! I was on the brink of tears when I found out. Now all he has to do is pass the Talent Test and the Music Theory test and he's in. Keep crossing those fingers.

  • I tried watching a movie on HBO in the afternoon, but ended up falling asleep, and thus waking up late to prepare for my friend Hannah's birthday party. I always get confused driving to her house, so considering I got lost, I wasn't as late as I thought I'd be. The food was amazing and the company was even greater, so it was nice to hang out with them again.

  • When I got home, my parents actually we're asking if we wanted to go out. It was 12 midnight!? I swear sometimes my folks are so crazy. Only Pamy ended up going out, because she is the hardcore rotter. PB, Pietro and I ended up watching Sex and the City (again for me) -- which PB asked to watch. Then again, he was drinking some alcohol, so maybe it helped him enjoy the movie more. I still love that movie.


  • I don't know how I woke up for mass considering I slept at 3am, but it was the Feast of the Sto. Nino and they usually bless the children after mass. I was about to stand up go up fron when the priest said the children were only those below 12 years old! What?! I couldn't believe it. None of my siblings are below 12 anymore. It felt weird that we're all considered 'old' already.

  • I met up with Anna at her house after lunch for thesis and that turned out to be pretty productive, considering we feel like we're lagging behind work-wise. Still, I've got a lot more writing so I'm off to do that now. Yay for progress. Boo for the actual thesis writing -- I dread this so much!
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