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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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Everyone's been talking about this movie so much that I was expecting a lot from it. Some of the things I heard/read were:

  • 3 Hours Long: It was going to be the most dragging thing on earth
  • Depressing: I was going to be bawling. But since I prefer happier movies, I wouldn't enjoy.
  • Super Good: I was going to be blown away. Jaw dropping kind of stuff.

    And though I had these pre-conceived notions about it, I was also sort of worried that I already had too many expectations about it.

    But surprisingly, all my hesitation flew out the window when I stepped inside the even colder cinemas at Shangri-la last night, because I really did feel like I was taken away into the movie. Into the wonderful life of Benjamin Button in New Orleans and as he traveled the world.

    The length of the movie, which was my number one concern (cause I'm silly like that) did not faze me at all. In fact, not once did I look at my watch to check the time. We watched the last full show and I just didn't get bothered by it's length at all. I thought it was 'just right' for the story. After all, telling one man's life from birth 'til death is no easy feat.

    The acting was pretty damn great. I was reading about how in the 90s, Spielberg was attached to it and so Tom Cruise was the man for the job. Then it shifted hands to Ron Howard and then Travolta's name came into play and well, I just couldn't see anyone else do the job.

    Brad Pitt did a tremendous job as Button from old man till young adult. As an old man, he showed the vulnerability of a child and as teenager, the maturity of an adult. And how can I even forget to mention how HOT HE WAS. I just couldn't take my eyes off him when he was finally a 'young man' because daaaaaaaaaamn boy knows how to work those clothes. He should have stayed in Paris to model! Oh and I'm again very jealous of Angelina Jolie.

    Cate Blanchett has the body of a dancer and her hair color was beautiful. And she makes me love the name Daisy even more than before. I loved Taraji Henson's portrayal of Benjamin's momma. I swear I kept crying whenever she and Benjamin would interact.

    I loved all the supporting characters Benjamin meets along the way too. All the oldies at his home in New Orleans -- the one who taught him to play the piano. Tilda Swinton in Russia and the Captain in the tugboat. All of them made me cry when Benjamin would have to part with them.

    The old man who kept telling stories of how he was struck by lightning seven times got the biggest laugh from the audiences. I don't know why, but we had a really lively crowd. Maybe it was because it was a cinema full of tired office workers who just wanted to relax but it was a good crowd to watch it with.

    And I love how they portrayed Benjamin whenever he'd have to say goodbye to someone. He was so used to death that it was never a dramafest. It just broke my heart even more.

    So really, let's go back to Brad Pitt in those outfits when he was in his hot stage. I swear all the shots were just prettyness all around. You could screencap each and everyone of them and make them your wallpaper because it was just drool worthy. Whenever he'd get on that motorbike and just ride with his shades and his Steve McQueen-esque outfits, I swear I couldn't help myself

    And though I have to admit that when he was hot, I couldn't really see Benjamin anymore because I was tooooo distracted by how hot Brad was. Still, that's one tiny tiny flaw for me. And over-all it totally helped things. The make-up/special effects people deserve a lot of credit because damn it was good.

    Oh and you know in the beginning when they show the logos of the production outfits! Well it's the first thing you see and I was already blown away by those damn buttons falling!!!

    Over all really, I was blown away. It wasn't as depressing as I thought it would be. And definitely an superb movie. It was heartwarming and had just enough drama to keep me going. And yet it was really insightful. I love how the old woman told Benjamin that we were made to say goodbye to the people we love, cause otherwise we wouldn't realize how important they were to us. Or something like that.

    So far, of the nominated films in the Oscars, I really liked this one a lot. And I'm so happy that I finally watched it. Then again, I will be watching Slumdog Millionaire in a bit, so we'll see what happens. But really even after I watch other films, I think this one's going to stick. It's just love.
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