Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Look! It's Not Pink Anymore!

I'm not a big fan of 'young love' anything. I used to find it absurd that little kids could find love at such a young age -- not that it isn't possible. It's just such a foreign concept for me (at 21). Little Manhattan is an exception to the rule though.

Thus my surprise that I actually enjoyed this short film, called "Marry Me." This won an award at Tropfest which is apparently, "the world's largest short film festival." It tells the story of "a little girl who likes a little boy and a little boy who likes his BMX bike."

Load it. It's just 6 minutes short. I never thought I'd find mullets attractive. On the little boy, it is. I found it really adorable. I hope you will too. Have a great weekend everyone.

Marry Me [Tropfest via Videocracy]
Tags: kids, relationships, videos
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