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American Idol 8: Guess Who's Back? Back Again?!

Idol's Back[American Idol]
I can't believe it's that time of the year again. When Pamy's life restarts from her dormant days into full blown butterfly in bloom. Yes, Idol is back on it's EIGHTH season. And though, ratings aren't as great as before, you know I'm still watching. Idol just doesn't seem to have an expiration date for me.

But really, with all the changes this season, I'm actually excited to see what's in store for us this season. Will it top last years? Is that even possible? Will Pamy replace her eternal love for Archuleta for yet another underage cherub? I don't know just yet.

But what I do know is, that I'm definitely glad to see the old gang back together and with a newbie to boot. Of course, I'm just happy to be reading Slezak and Rickey again. Let the season begin!

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  • I'm glad they're showing less 'funny/bad' auditions and more of the people who are actually going through. This is the first time I sat through auditions. I usually just drop in a bit here and there and then pay attention a little through Hollywood. We'll see how good it is this year/how much I'm procrastinating my actual work.

  • I totally agree with Slezak on the much better editing, sound effects and music. It felt better produced, more polished and just more thought of. Is this due to new executive produce Ken Warick? Maybe so.

  • And for the record, I know Kara DioGuardi has a lot to prove and I've only seen two episodes of her, but damn I think she's hot. Woman does not look 38.

  • Paula seems more coherent now that she isn't the only woman. Simon more 'constructive' yet still biting -- which I love. Randy less dawg-y. Judging less formulaic and predictable.

  • Then there's the gay love of my life, Ryan Seacrest who has practically outed himself on television by looking very uncomfortable when locking lips with little miss bikini girl.

    Auditions Day 1 // Phoenix

    Dead or AlivePhotos courtesy of Rickey
  • Way to start with drama. That montage to the tune of What a Wonderful World was piling on the cheese, but it did feel nostalgic in a way. Mission accomplished for the editors.

  • People I remembered/liked: Ariana Afsar is very very cute. Almost too cute. And I liked how she sang "Put Your Records On." Oh wait, didn't Antonella sing that?

  • Alex Wagner-Trugman just cause I think he's cute and loved his song choice. I'm a sucker for some Ingram.

  • I worry about how Scott Macintyre will 'emote' to the cameras as connecting with the audience is sort of important (read: Constantine's eye fuck in season 4). Still see you in the Top 36.

  • People I was okay with/sort of remembered: Bikini Girl had a great stunt. Simon could barely concentrate. Nice touch. Although her voice was okay, I'm irked she had to pull a stunt.

  • Girl who sang "Barracuda" was good too. The band-problem just went out the other ear for me. Just not interested in that.

  • Girl who sang "Sitting at the Dock of the Bay" had a nice tone. I remembered George Huff though and didn't get to pay much attentions. Dude that does oil drilling was so sweet. He seems like a nice guy.

    Auditions Day 2 // Kansas City

    We're not in Kansas anymore -- oh wait we arePhotos courtesy of Rickey
  • A bit more excruciating than the first episode, but still pretty good. I can't do 2 hours though. After the first one, I was getting sort of tired already from all the bad auditions. I felt they let in a lot of not so great ones. I guess to kick out in Hollywood.

  • People I remembered/liked: Michael Castro might just be as funny as big brother Jason. Loved Jason, not too fond of Michael, but he is very Castro, so I wish he goes far just for nostalgia's sake -- and seeing Jason in the audience. He sang a great cover of Gavin DeGraw too.

  • Simon was a bit mean to Anoop Desai aka Anoop Dawg, but I thought he was precious. I liked him and his unassuming personality. Seems like "Thank You" is a popular audition piece.

  • It still baffles me that Randy is brothers with Michael Jackson. Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" is one of my favorite songs thanks to the film gem that is "Center Stage" so it was surprising that I liked Asa Barnes's take on it. Plus his uber cute daughter just added to the charm

  • People I was okay with/sort of remembered: I'm not being mean or biased to pretty girls, but I feel like Casey Carlson had an okay to good voice but her looks/personality/presence worked for her. Which I shouldn't fault her for because this all factors in. I just wonder if other plainer looking girls with the same voice would be so lucky.

  • Dude who's wife died. His story was a sobber, and though I wish he didn't use it, I'm sure the producers found this little gem of a story in the pile of sob stories to lay on the 'unsuspecting' audience. They have one every year -- at least this year the dude actually sort of delivered. I liked his best friend too though.

  • I'm not much of a diva fan, so Lil Rounds rendition of "All I do" was just aight for me (Jackson, circa season 4). Mr. Rounds (her husband) didn't look as ecstatic about her getting in -- maybe he didn't want to get stuck at home with the kiddies. Or maybe he's just a man of few emotions.

  • The sisters with the names of countries/continents. They rapped cute and India had a sweet personality without being saccharine. She can dance too. PB was saying maybe she should join, SYTYCD.

    I told myself this wouldn't be long. Well look at that. I'm already exhausted just thinking about Idol this year.

    NEXT 2 WEEKS: So we get one week less of auditions, but get an additional week of Wild Card and another few more weeks cause it's Top 36 this year. Damn, does this mean Idol ends in June?! I know someone who's happy.
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