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90210 01x13: Love Me Or Leave Me

So NOT pregnant... yetPhoto courtesy of 90210 Media
So there's a heatwave in the Hills and the kids are so in heat that things get a little well... heated. I actually really enjoyed this episode because a) we get some Tabitha; b) we get some beach scenes (they are in Cali!!!) c) Ethan + Navid! d) GEORGE!!! aka Emmett Cullen aka Kellan Lutz!!!

Only downside? No Brenda, Kelly or Ryan? But hey, gotta save some storyline for later, right? And did I mention how hot Ethan is in the heat?

  • Ethan in his wifebeater sweating in his bedroom is a great way to start this show. Seriously. And Annie lying about her neglige is so funny. So high school. And yikee. Ethan: Annie, I love you.

  • Tabitha throwing lines with the kids for Red Coats and Blue Bloods is too good. And the airconditioner is off? With a 90 degree heatwave? Not fun. Oh Debbie. Don't argue with Tabitha. Of course Harry is caught in the middle.

  • The apocalypse is upon us!!!! Silver: And look! One of the seven signs! Excessive PDA! Only Silver can pull this off. Aww Dixon, don't be offended that she's not into saying 'i love you.'

  • Adrianna: I'm not glowing! There is no maternal glow?! Right?! I don't know how this is going to turn out for Adrianna. Navid: I love me some Barack Obama, but change is bad. Oh Navid! I have missed you so much.

  • Only Miss Clarke can get away with answering back to the teacher. She looks really good in that PE uniform though. I'm so happy to see them back together. The best friends are finally besties again. Naomi is blooming. Adrianna is glowing (with the baby?). Everyone's getting prettier

  • The Mean Girls are sooooo mean. Adrianna is not a trainwreck druggie! Don't let them influence you Naomi. You're better than this!!! And oh noes! Adrianna faints in Chem class!!!! Hello preggers!

  • Make-out count: TWO and it's only been 10 minutes. Once for every five minutes? Not bad. And yay for more Dixon singing in the choir! Silver is evil in a great way! And wow, that's a fancy tv in the cafeteria!!!

  • HARRY WILSON IS THE BOMB! Cancellation of clases! That's just too perfect.

  • Make-out Count: THREE! Someone's gonna join the pregnancy count! And damn, Tabitha! I want a car for me and my brother too!!!! Debbie does have a point, but dude they're from 90210, they neeeeeeeeeeeeeed a car. Oh noes.

  • Tabitha doing tai chi in a cheongsam is so cute! I love this grandmother. And Annie in her bikini? Pretty hot. I want long wavy hair. In the Palm Springs getaway?! Someone is definitely going to get pregnant stat. Love it!!!!

  • Navid and Dixon reunite! I love it. I haven't seen them together in along time either. These boys are growing on me. Oh noes Navid, are you sure that's the reason Silver is bitter? I don't think so. Dixon: Where's my tip? Navid: I already gave you a tip. A big tip. Touche.

  • I do not want to be Harry Wilson right now. It's official. I want to marry an impotent, orphan. No kids. No in-laws.

  • HOLY CRAPITO! Adrianna told Naomi she's on the baby way and well, that obviously lets Naomi's extensions fall off. Yay! Together again, my baby!

  • Annie: I'm ready... I'm ready to go to Palm Springs. Why do I feel like Palm Springs is a metaphor for 'I want to sleep with you Ethan?' This is not going to happen. I can feel it and Ethan will be a supportive boyfriend. I can feel it.

  • I cannot frisbee my fears away when I'm pregnant. But okay, I'll try.

  • Hallo beautiful house. They should go to Palm Springs more often. It's really amazing. I want to live there!!!! I can feel Ethan making a mental note on where he's going to make out with Annie. Ay bedroom!

  • Dixon is so cute! He's not ripped! I love it. Wow. Silver is sooo thin, her bathing suit is lose on her. I like it though. She doesn't look like a ho in it, but very sexy. Love her shades too!!!

    Hello there Emmett Cullen[90210 Media]
  • HELLO EMMETT CULLEN GEORGE!!! Body looking great! But where is Rosalie? In all seriousness, now I'm paying attention to George. It's funny what fandom can do.

  • Tabitha: Harry wore cloth diapers. Nice freaking segue. But yay for Harry finally stepping up and threatening to move out. Nice save, husband. You win brownie points with le wifey.

  • Make-out Count: THREE!!! In the restaurant this time? Why do I feel like Momma Wilson is going to barge in while Ethan and Annie 'go to Palm Springs'?! This is not going to be a fun night for anyone.

  • Naomi defending Adrianna to the mean girls = win. I feel like they're going to make life hell for Naomi though after this.

  • Make-out Count: FOUR!!! And the best part is, they're making out to David Archuleta's Crush. Keep waiting, Annie. Because I really know this isn't going to happen!!! Annie: It's really a big deal. Today, I'm a virgin. Tomorrow, I won't be. Yes honey, that's usually the way it works.

  • Dear, I doubt Ethan is THE ONE but we can hope right? Ethan has a really nice back and Annie has a really pretty bra. I love the color. BUT WAIT. Ethan is the one backing out?!?! That wasn't expected. For me, at least. Kinda nice of him.

  • MORE GEORGE!!!!! And he plays pingpong! Damn that body. Oh Navid. Way to go bringing George down. That's really sweet of him. But wait, don't feel bad Adrianna! Navid just needs time to process things.

  • Harry and Debbie sneaking onto the property is funniest thing I've ever seen on this show!!!! And they think they're daughter's such a saint for having Ethan sleep on the couch! If they only only knew what she had planned beforehand, they wouldn't be this happy.

  • Wow. That's a fabulous sand castle. Silver's got talent! Don't say it Dixon! Oh no he didn't. And well, obviously Silver does not reciprocate. Thank you. She doesn't know what to say. Love it. I'm glad she didn't say it back. If she doesn't feel like saying it, then don't. OH no. So maybe she did overreact a bit. But hey girl's got a point.

  • BEST SHOT EVER!!! Finding your parents in the back of the van in a post-coital position. What's worse? Ethan greeting her dad, "Principal Wilson." Nothing will ever ever beat this. And just for this, Annie cannot break up with Ethan because the humiliation she will have to face is excruciating.

  • Navid: Aid, I wanna tell you that I can do this. I can handle this... but I don't know what I can do. I'm really sorry. Well that's a more realistic reaction by a teenage boy. Don't feel bad Adrianna. You have other friends-ish. I feel bad for her, but she'll deal with this. I can feel it.

  • On the other hand, Dixon can't handle the non-i-love-you reciprocation either and things aren't looking so good. Silver looks great though.

  • Debbie finally succumbs! Paying for gas/insurance is a great compromise! Yay for working things out with Tabitha!!! But no! She's going to go away for a few months!!!! I need her in more episodes! Don't go away!!!!

  • Oh Aid and Naomi. Please don't fight now. Adrianna needs all the support she can get. Yay for maturity in their friendship! I hope Naomi really does stand by her. It's really sweet. That's a best friend, Serena. Take notes.

  • What?! They're not attached at the lips in this scene?! This is a miracle for Annie and Ethan. I love how he stumbled with the word foundation. This is a nice change. Yay for taking it slow. and we get Make-out Count up to: FIVE!!!
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