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Gossip Girl 02x15: Gone With the Will

Not so simple JackPhoto courtesy of Andreas at LJ; Caps courtesy of coloured skies
This show is getting crazier by the second and I'm loving it. Between Jack Bass and the Humphrey-Van Der Woodsen love child, there's enough drama to last the season! But leave it to GG to make sure there's even more craziness thrown in.

Of course, all I really really want is for Chuck and Blair to just get together. But then I guess when they finally do, what would happen? I can't imagine them being sweet and together. Still, it doesn't mean I don't want to see that. And well, this episode helps plant a ton of seeds for the eventual craziness that will surround the rest of the season.

Chuck depressed is super cute! the red tie and blue shirt look so preppy and so un-him but Chuck nevertheless. And yes, Jack Bass is one hot asshole. Ew. So they really did something New Years. I don't want to know what it is. Yay! The non-judgmental Breakfast Club is complete again!!!

Blair: I wouldn't have come to this party if I knew i wasn't VIP. Nate: The important thing is Chuck knows that we're here for him. Leave it to Blair to make everything about being important. And wow, I never knew Nate could be so right about something.

On whether Chuck is 'comfortable' with Jack as his 'legal guardian'... Chuck: Curfew. Jack: None. Chuck: Girls sleeping over? Jack: Yes, please. Chuck: I'll allow it. But of course, those are the only two important things in Chuck's life after all.

Chuck: You're a disappointment of a son. I died embarrassed if I weren't already. Why do you wear so much purple? This made me laugh so hard! Why do you indeed Chuck? I think you should try other colors. But then again, you do look pretty in purple.

Eric complaining that Jenny is hogging his time with Jonathan is so precious! Jenny! Leave the poor couple alone! They want some alone time girl! Go get your own love life?! And Serena, don't defend Jenny. Let Eric have his fun with Jonathan.

Serena: Supposedly Sarkozy was a bad kisser. Well well well Lily. Looks like your lips have been around! So how would you rate the French President?! I doubt Carla Bruni would agree with you though.

Penelope! What the hell! How dare she go and backstab Blair to the other girls?! I swear she needs a new life! And yes, Chuck's dad died a month ago. Let the guy grieve!! Blair: It's so hard finding obedient minions? Of course!

Bart Bass's last letter was notarized?! I guess to make it official right? Did he even write this or did he have a personal assistant draft a copy? Leave it to Bart to make things so very official. The Jack/Chuck showdown in the office was pretty intense.

Jack's too obvious with his money-hungry ways. I swear I wish Chuck would just pay him off and leave. Though I doubt that's going to happen. Although I am afraid of how Chuck is going to do this, I'd rather it be him than Jack-o.

Wow, I haven't seen Vanessa and Dan together in a long time! This feels like such a flashback to the first season when I was still afraid that Vanessa would get in the way of Serena and Dan. Now, I wish she would. But her Nate drama is really enough.

And Nelly Yuki. No. This is not happening. How can you turn into such a Penelope?! I really had high hopes for Nelly and now this. Dan, are you opening up to Vanessa again and NOT to Serena? I see an entire fight coming on again. Serena and Dan are so breaking up again. Wow Nelly Yuki is sneaky.

Jack: I invited a few friends to join us. I guess I'll have to entertain them on my own. Last Chance? I swear like uncle, like nephew. Except that now, Chuck's got Blair! Don't fall for this Chuckles! Resist the temptation! Blair loves you remember?! And you said she was a good friend! Don't do this to her.

But of course, old habits die hard and so we see Chuck once again canoodling with their new friends in the back of a limousine. And Jack? Well it seems like the BassHole's got a plan.

OMG. That is NOT a friendly outfit Blair! GIrl looks smoking! And not just any kind of smoking, really scorching hot! The short dress and the hair and the mood lighting does not equal a friendly dinner dear!

Someone wants some action and is freaking denying it. I feel if Blair just told Chuck she wanted him/loved him things would go better. Oh wait, they said that already. Still not working.

Why is Jenny even invited?! Why is she at Chuck's party at the Palace? This is soo beyond me. Serena and Dan need to talk things out and just tell the truth now. These girls need to die right now. Serena and Dan are so breaking up by the end of this episode.

Jenny: You are so conceited. Eric: You are so annoying. I'm sorry to break it to you Jenny, but I'm on Team Eric all the way here. Get your own love life/life so that you can stop bothering Eric. Poor boy tried to kill himself remember? Let's not push him back to that dark place!

It's official! Everyone on this show is related! Only Blair and Nate aren't in this sick web they're in. Because technically the Van Der Woodsen's and Humphreys are related. But because Chuck was Bart's son who Lily married, they're also linked. Okay, grossness. Anyone who hooks up now runs the risk of hooking up with a sibling.

Chuck: I don't need your help. Stop trying to play the wife. OUCHIES MOFO!!! Chuck! Don't put this on Blair! This is exactly what Jack is planning and all you kids are falling into the trap he's so 'cleverly' set up. I swear, Jack you're hot, but don't mess with Chuck/Blair cause I'm going to go and revolt!

So how the hell are we going to get rid of Jack Bass without really getting rid of him? Cause I like him there for the mancandy, but not for ruining Chuck's life.

Okay, for the first time this episode, I actually sat up and listened to what the hell is going on with Lily and Rufus. Lily: ...scared that you're going to hate me forever. When... I'm still in love with you.

And the plot freaking thickens! I swear these two just need to get a room -- oh wait they already have one. These two lovebirds! I don't know how this is going to work out for them. But it has been a long time coming. So because they can't find their baby from the past, they'll go and make a new one!

Eric is the sweetest thing ever. Eric: It's so weird that we have a half-something. I want Eric as a brother! He's so smart and he's always saving Serena's ass. Serena should totally do something good for this guy. Privacy perhaps for him and Jonathan?

Andrew!? It's a boy! And he's dead! How very very convenient?! I thought we'd get some more drama on the Humphrey-Van Der Woodsen half sibling thing. Damn, why couldn't he have been alive and wreak havoc?! Or get into Serena or Blair or Jenny?!?! That would have been fun.

Finally! Some Nate!!!! Let's just all pause a moment and take in the sheer prettiness of Nate Archibald. Boy don't need to talk. Just let the bangs do all the speaking for you because those bangs say pretty.

And wait, anniversary? Weren't they just going out for a few weeks?! Maybe a monthsary? And Nate the sage, it's not really working for me. But Nate in general is a sight for sore eyes. I just want him to be happy. And he looks like he is so far. But I'm sure the writers are going to throw some general angsty-ness his way soon. He and Vanessa are too happy.

Chuck: I'm sorry, I screwed up. Blair: Too late. Oh people! When will you BOTH be ready to get back together at the same time!?! Because this is really killing me.

Can't we all just get along and get back together?!?! Blair! Chuck just said PLEASE! He must mean this. And she threw the bouquet back at him?! This is going to hurt Chuck! And Blair! I need them to heal their wounds.

Oh so Andrew is alive?! I smell someone sneaking up on the entire gang in the future. I hope he comes in some really hot form so that all the girls fall for him only to realize that he's related to half of them and thus cannot be had by anyone. Or he could just totally set the Humprhrey loft on fire cause he's apparently mentally deranged due to the giving him up for adoption bit.

And really Eric, you didn't have to say sorry first. Jenny in fact, should be groveling at your feet. But of course, Little J once again gets her way and poor Eric is just too nice for his own good. I say abandon Jenny and go have fun with Jonathan. You're very adorable.

And Lily and Rufus as Mommy and Daddy to the four kids is a little creepy but hey, we can dig this. Right? Right? Okay who am I kidding? This is very screwed up. I swear.Can anyone see the most messed up family ever?! We'll find out next week!!!
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